A woman’s lead-test conviction overturned

A woman who tested positive for lead-based paint in her home has been convicted of falsely claiming she had tested positive in an alleged lead poisoning incident.

Key points:A jury found Lisa Marie Lohmann guilty of falsely reporting she had a lead poisoning scareThe woman said she was under stress and needed help, but her lawyer says the verdict was a “shameful miscarriage of justice”The court heard Lohman, a mother of two, had a history of lead poisoning and the couple’s three children were tested after Lohmeh claimed she was experiencing a stress reaction.

In her defence Lohm claimed she had had a stress response and was unable to cope with stress, but this did not match the results of the blood tests.

The court was told that Lohmeds blood test results were negative for lead, which led to her being convicted of false reporting.

The jury heard Lohm claimed her stress reaction had resulted from a stress-related headache.

During her trial, Lohmun said she had experienced a sudden onset of headaches, dizziness and a headache lasting two weeks, and needed to seek medical attention.

She said she went to a doctor who told her she had lead poisoning but her husband denied this.

The trial heard LOHm told police she was having difficulty concentrating and felt dizzy and short of breath, and that she felt “frustrated” with herself for not being able to control her mood.

Lohmann told police her husband told her the headache was caused by a lack of exercise and not the stress of lead exposure.

However, the jury heard she claimed her husband was having trouble breathing and that his breath had turned blue.

The prosecution said the court was unable in this instance to conclude that LOHM was suffering from a head injury or a stroke.LOHM’s husband has told the court that Lohm did not have any injuries.

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