What happens when Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping dies?

When Chinese Communist Party leader Xi is dead, it will be the last Communist Party leadership in history to hold the post for more than a decade.

That’s a pretty significant feat.

Xi has been in power since 2006, when he was elected leader of the country.

Xi had been the first Chinese leader to hold a leadership post for longer than one year in history, and he was also the first to become president of China for more then 20 years.

He had also been China’s first Communist Party president for less than two years.

Xi became China’s top leader after a sweeping military takeover of power by the Communist Party in late 2012, and his popularity soared after his government’s election victory.

While his party has faced challenges in recent years, he remains popular.

Trump and others have accused Xi of manipulating power and seeking to manipulate the country’s economy.

On Monday, Trump called Xi a “corrupt dictator” who “talks to nobody” and “violates the sovereignty of the Chinese people.”

“He’s a communist, and the Communist party has to answer to everybody,” Trump said in a televised interview.

Trump said he believes Xi’s death is the “ultimate political coup.”

But what happens to Xi’s legacy?

Xi has long been the most powerful leader in China.

While he ruled China from 2006 to 2016, he also ran for president twice and won the presidency three times.

After winning the second term, Xi became the most popular politician in the world.

While many people in China and around the world still don’t fully understand what Xi is like, some experts say he’s a leader who has led China to great success.

“Xi Jinping is a charismatic leader,” said Stephen Cohen, a China analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington.

“He is a leader whose legacy has been very good, and which has benefited the Chinese economy.”

He added that “China has had a lot of success under his leadership.”

Many people in the United States believe Xi’s reign was marked by a strong leadership style and a focus on economic growth and reform.

Some of that success is credited to Xi being willing to bend China’s leaders, while others say it was a lack of transparency in the Chinese government and lack of political will from the Chinese public.

Cohen said the focus on Xi has made him a “flaming star” in China, but the real problem is that he’s been unable to lead China in a more meaningful way.

He’s been the leader who most needs to be removed, he said.

But some experts also say there are serious questions about Xi’s leadership and what his legacy will be in the years ahead.

Some experts say China is better off without him and will be better off with someone else.

That could include another Communist Party boss.

“It would be better if Xi were replaced by someone who is not the same type of a communist,” said James Petras, a professor of political science at Georgetown University and former director of the U.S. Institute of Peace.

“The Chinese leadership is going to need to be much more responsive to the political climate,” he added.

“There are going to be more and more voices within the Chinese leadership that aren’t going to toe the line.”

That could mean some Chinese leaders are not as supportive of Xi’s policies, said Richard Haass, a former U.N. envoy to China.

“I think we are probably going to see some more instability, but not necessarily in terms of what is happening,” Haass said.

“This may be the Chinese leader’s last big political challenge.”

In the end, Trump and many others in the Trump administration will want to know what happened to Xi, whether the country will have a stronger leader, and whether China will continue to thrive.

For now, it’s all about the Chinese leaders, who are likely to stay in power, for a while longer.

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