NFL team will not take out the ads from its television commercials after a backlash from fans

NFL teams are expected to take a much more cautious approach to advertising after a spate of controversial ads aired on social media.

The latest controversy comes after the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers all removed their campaign spots from Fox’s Monday Night Football.

The Chicago Bears removed their ads and the Patriots announced Monday that it was severing ties with the company.

The ads featured celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Beyonce, LeBron James and John Legend, all of whom have endorsed the company, but have been accused of perpetuating hate for racial and religious minorities.

In addition to the Bears, the Packers and Patriots removed ads from NBC’s Monday night games.

A spokesman for the Packers said Monday that the team is “committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion, and we will continue to engage with advertisers.”

In response, the Patriots released a statement saying that it “will not participate in any commercial that would further divide this country or further promote division, division and division.”

The Bears, Patriots and Packers were among several teams to announce Monday that they were severing their ties with Fox Sports.

The NFL has long struggled with the ratings for the network, which had lost much of its primetime audience in recent years.

The league announced Tuesday that it had terminated its partnership with Fox.

Fox, which has a combined viewership of 18.8 million, announced last week that it will no longer air primetime games on Monday nights, with the exception of games on Saturday nights.

The ratings for NFL Monday Night football are expected in the low teens, according to the Sports Business Journal.

The New England Patriot and Chicago Bears are the only teams to have pulled their commercials from Fox Sports, with both announcing that they would not air their ads.

The Patriots have also removed its ads from Sunday night games after an uproar on social network and message boards.

Fox Sports announced Monday night that it has severed ties with NBC and will no long air its primates.

The network said in a statement that the network will not have any advertising in its programming in the future.


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