North Korea’s Exo Leader to Be Launched From the Moon

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be launched from the moon, a North Korean state media outlet said on Tuesday, marking the first time an individual has been taken to the moon for a mission.

North Korea has previously said it is ready to send an individual to the Moon and have them land safely.

The country has conducted three successful lunar missions in the past three decades.

Kim’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) news agency said the new mission will launch a man from the Moon at 10:15 p.m.

(2015 GMT) on Tuesday.

It said the man will then land on the Moon’s surface, where it will be viewed from the ground.

North Korean media reports said the launch was also aimed at testing the country’s rocket technology and its ability to launch people safely from the lunar surface.

Last year, North Korea said it had successfully launched a man to the surface of the Moon from the surface and landed safely.

The country’s first lunar mission took place in 2009, when a pilot from the Kwangmyongsong-1 space center landed on the moon after taking off from the space center.

The mission was the first to be carried out by a human in North Korea since the country began testing a space vehicle in 2015.

North and South Korea have been locked in a standoff over the North’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs for decades.

North Korea has long accused South Korea of failing to rein in its nuclear ambitions and the two sides have conducted military drills in the waters of the sea.

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