Union leaders call for ‘real change’ in Congress

AEROSmith lead vocalist Mark Hoppus called for the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner on Monday, arguing that he has been unable to make the case for bipartisanship in Washington.

Hoppus, whose group, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), has been a key force in the Democratic Party’s bid to wrest control of Congress from Republicans in the midterms, also called for “real change” in Congress.

“I’m not going to stand by and let this Congress continue to waste our time with empty promises, empty rhetoric, empty promises and empty rhetoric,” Hoppis said in a statement.

“The American people have been lied to by both parties and are fed up with the dysfunction that is our country.”

The UFCW’s push for a more bipartisan approach in Washington has led to the formation of the Senate Majority PAC, which is a joint fundraising committee for Senate candidates and causes.

That means the PAC will likely spend a lot of money on Democratic congressional candidates who support their causes.

However, Boehner is the GOP’s most powerful member of Congress, and he has not been able to make progress on bipartisan talks with the unions.

The UFCWs efforts have led to some of their most bitter and vocal members, such as the actor and activist Bill Paxton, who recently called for Boehner to resign, to speak out against the Speaker.

“It’s time for the speaker to resign,” Paxton said during a press conference in which he called on House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to step down.

“He’s not getting it done.”

Despite the anger and calls for Boehner’s resignation, the House Speaker has been able, through his support of the unions, to help pass some of the largest pieces of legislation in recent memory, including the landmark healthcare reform bill passed in 2013 and the massive defense budget passed in 2016.

Boehner, however, has also been unable, despite his position as the leader of the GOP in the House, to secure support from Democrats for major tax cuts, major entitlement reform and more for the military.

“The speaker needs to get on the phone and call the members of the Democratic caucus,” Hopps said.

“Tell them that this is a real change that we need.”

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