Which of these headlines best describes the state of Texas politics?

The Lone Star State is in the midst of a state of upheaval.

In recent months, Texas lawmakers have faced off over several high-profile bills, and the state’s political scene has become increasingly fractious, especially with regard to the fate of Gov.

Greg Abbott, who faces reelection in 2018.

In the lead-up to the gubernatorial race, Republicans have been calling on the state Supreme Court to block the new state law, which they claim will infringe on rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

Some conservatives have said they will vote for Abbott in the Nov. 4 election, and Texas Republicans have argued that they can count on their base to back him.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether the law is constitutional on Nov. 13, and if it is upheld, it could be a game-changer in Texas politics.

(AP) Some of those same conservatives have called on the U and the Republican-controlled Texas legislature to vote down the law and repeal it.

Abbott has been a prominent figure in the fight against the law.

Last week, he announced that he was pulling his endorsement of Lt.


David Dewhurst, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

He also announced that Dewhurst was leaving the state Senate, and that he had appointed a new member of the Texas Senate, Rep. Ryan Braun.

The two men will take over the Senate and govern in tandem.

In a statement, Braun said he would take the position of governor, but would continue to work for the Lone Star state.

Abbott, however, has called the state legislature’s action “unprecedented” and said he is confident that the court will uphold the law, even if it means taking Dewhurst out of the race.

Abbott told The Associated Press that he did not believe the law would hurt the Republican Party.

“The fact that they’ve put me out of this race is a little bit shocking, but I know I’m not the only one who knows that,” Abbott said.

“I think there’s a real fear in Texas, in Texas that if this law passes, we could have a very divided party.”

The law is not new in Texas.

The state has a long history of partisan politics, with many of its founding fathers coming from different parties.

Since the late 1800s, it has been governed by an arrangement that divided power among four branches of government: the legislature, the governor, the lieutenant governor and the attorney general.

The governor, known as “the head of the state,” is a Republican.

The lieutenant governor is a Democrat.

The attorney general is a member of a party that doesn’t get the same representation in the Legislature as the governor.

There is no partisan representation in either the Senate or the House of Representatives, where most of the legislative power lies.

(A spokeswoman for Abbott’s office did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on whether he supports the bill.)

The state constitution has long prohibited Texas from holding elections for office.

In 2012, voters passed Proposition 6, which legalized same-sex marriage.

It also passed the state constitution, and voters approved Proposition 1, which required the governor to declare a state emergency if Texas experienced a pandemic.

But the Texas legislature has repeatedly delayed implementing the measure, which critics said would infringe upon the right of Texans to marry.

Abbott said last week that the governor’s position is not to try to influence the court’s ruling on the constitutionality of the law as it stands.

He added that he believes the court would uphold the bill, but that it could change the course of the election.

“If this law is upheld and the legislature takes a different approach, and then if we have a change in the courts, and we are given another opportunity, then I think that would be a big change,” Abbott told the AP. (Reuters)

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