Microsoft’s Bing leads online search by 5x

Microsoft’s Cortana search engine has a new lead indicator that suggests you might want to consider visiting a certain website.

Bing is the leading search engine on Google’s Chrome browser, but the search engine also has other competitors like Microsoft’s search engine and Microsoft Bing, which offers the ability to search on a number of other sites and services.

While Microsoft’s Chrome extension has the lead indicator, you can find the new one in the Bing website’s settings page, which is accessed through the browser’s Settings app.

The new indicator shows a red circle with a white outline around it, indicating that Bing has taken a position on the search results page.

It’s a bit like Google’s search bar, which uses a different color for each of the Google-branded sites it finds, but it does display a red dot for the first time.

Bing also offers a similar indicator for other sites in the Settings app, which can be seen by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the page.

The indicator is based on Bing’s algorithm and isn’t designed to tell you if Bing has a strong preference for a certain site.

The red circle represents the site’s search results and the white outline is the search bar’s position on search results pages.

Bing has been using the red circle indicator since the company acquired Yahoo’s search service, which was shuttered in July.

But the new indicator isn’t the only way Bing has changed its algorithm to give it more prominence on search result pages.

In a blog post last month, Microsoft said it would soon start using a new feature called “previous searches” to give Bing more prominence in the search result page.

“We’re starting to test this feature as we build out our search algorithm,” the company wrote.

“For the first part of this year, we’re adding a new indicator that displays a red mark on search page results.

The marking is meant to indicate when Bing has previously searched for a result.

When it has searched for the same result on more than one site, we will now use the marking to indicate whether Bing has searched on a site from a previous search or a search from another site.”

Microsoft is already using a similar feature to mark its own search results in the Chrome browser.

The company said last month it planned to add similar markers to its search results as part of its planned changes to Bing’s search ranking algorithm.

“Bing will continue to be a leader in the web search industry, but our search ranking is evolving as we evolve our search experience,” Bing spokesperson John Oates told Ars in an email.

“In the future, we hope to add new features that can improve the way we rank web search results.

For example, we’ll look into adding the ability for search results to be more specific about the site they’re from.

We’ll also be looking into improving the way search engines index our content.

We’re committed to building a better search experience that’s relevant to our users and gives them the best possible results.”

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