Which British singer has been voted the most important songwriter in 2016?

We’re celebrating our 200th episode of MTV News’ podcast series on the year in music and, for this year, we’ve got the answers.

In this episode, we look back on some of the best music of 2016.

The most important songs of the year are listed, and a brief history of each of the songs is provided for our listeners.

Listen below to hear a selection of the highlights.


The King and I – ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ (2016) The year’s most important music comes from the best album of the summer: the first song from The King And I’s sophomore album, ‘It Can’t Be Happening Again’, which won the award for best new album.

‘It It Can’t be Happening again’ is the most famous song of the 2016-17 summer, which is a tribute to both the song’s inspiration and the band’s growing success.

‘I Feel Like A Stranger’ is a perfect blend of emotion and style: the song is a powerful anthem of love and loss, the title of which also describes the way that the band, the frontman Chris Martin, and the fans embraced it, as it became a global hit.


Barenaked Ladies – ‘Take a Chance’ (2015) The best new music of the fall comes from two UK artists.

The second song from Barenamed Ladies’ sophomore album ‘Take A Chance’, which was nominated for a 2016 Grammy for best live album, won the 2016 Brit Award for best song, the most prestigious prize in the music industry.

BNL won the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Album, but the song has also become a defining moment for BNL, who were nominated for the record of the week award for the first time.

‘Take You To Your Heart’ is an amazing song, which has an upbeat, laidback feel to it, but also a hint of the melancholic.

It’s a great song for a moody night out, as well as a song for any day of the month, and its lyrics are incredibly honest, but that’s the message of BNL: they don’t always have to be negative.


Radiohead – ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ (2014) The biggest moment in music this year came from Radiohead’s new album ‘Losing Yourself To Dancing’, which went on to win three Grammys.

The song has a mood that’s almost melancholic, but it also has a positive edge, thanks to Thom Yorke’s vocals and his ability to channel the lyrics of his former band mates, Thom-Adam Sande and Nick Mason, in the song.

The album is a reflection of the band and the moment they became famous, and it’s a song that captures the energy of that moment.


Coldplay – ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ (2013) Coldplay’s best album to date was the most successful in their history, with ‘Pouring Some Sugar on Me’, their fifth studio album, selling more than 12 million copies worldwide.

It was also the first album to earn them the Grammy nomination for best pop single, which was the first ever.

‘Pours Sugar On You’ was nominated by the Grammy Awards for best original song, best pop solo album, best instrumental album, and best live performance.

The singer and songwriter is known for his intense lyrics and his emotional storytelling.


Bon Iver – ‘Love Is All’ (2017) Bon Ivers most successful album is also its most divisive.

‘Love is All’ was the band most successful and most controversial album of 2017, with critics complaining that it wasn’t very emotionally charged.

‘No Place Like Home’ was a slightly softer album, with the lyrics being much more accessible and even more optimistic, and ‘Love Will Find a Way’ was more upbeat.

Boniver also released two albums, which both received Grammy nominations for best rock album and best pop/pop album.


David Guetta – ‘The Next Day’

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