Which leads bullet leads?

Lead bullets, which are used in bullet-proof vests, lead bullets and other body armor, are among the most dangerous bullets, a new report has found.

Lead bullets are used by military, police and civilians.

Lead bullets are also the most deadly to the human body, with an average of 1,000 deaths a year, the report by the World Health Organisation and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The lead bullets that are the most lethal to humans are those with a diameter of more than a centimetre (1.4 inches), such as the 9 mm or .38-caliber bullets.

Lead in waterThe World Health Organization and the CDC have found that lead in water kills as many as one in five people who are exposed to lead, with a greater risk for developing kidney and liver damage.

Lead pipes are often made from lead and are also dangerous, with the World Bank estimating that there are up to 70 million lead pipes in the world.

The WHO and CDC said that, while it was important to be cautious about lead exposure, the current levels of lead exposure in children and adults are high and they should be reduced.

The report said that the use of lead masks, which reduce exposure to lead and can help prevent lead poisoning, is important.

Lead is also one of the major pollutants found in drinking water, which is known to cause health problems, such as cancer and kidney disease.

The World Economic Forum has called for more stringent regulations to protect the health of people in developing countries, including countries with high levels of poverty.

It has also called for a shift from an industrial-scale approach to a more localised one, with more investment in local production.

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