China’s leader has a ‘strong, strong’ leader – but he’s a ‘bad’ leader

In his first interview since being named the world’s new leader, President Xi Jinping has been hailed by many in China for his leadership style, especially in his first year in power.

But he’s also been criticized for being too harsh in his criticism of rivals, and for not doing enough to support his party, which has become increasingly unpopular in the country, despite the government’s efforts to revive it.

Xi, 60, was elected to power in 2013 after the death of the late President Hu Jintao.

He has been named China’s new president but is not officially in charge.

But analysts say he will still have a significant role in shaping the country’s economy and governance.

What we know about Xi Jinping… 1.

Xi’s top policy priority is to increase the party’s power in China.


China is currently embroiled in a massive economic crisis.


China’s economy is growing at a sluggish pace and the country has seen a spike in violence and political unrest.


Xi is widely seen as an outsider who will try to revive the party.


Xi has a reputation for being a hard-nosed leader, which may help him gain popularity in the eyes of his own party.


Xi also enjoys a huge popularity among his supporters.


Xi came to power during a political crisis when the Communist Party leadership was in turmoil.


The Communist Party has not yet fully recovered from the crisis, with Xi taking the reins at the height of the crisis and still serving as party boss.


Xi was a vocal supporter of the Tiananmen Square protests.


China has one of the most repressive political systems in the world.


Xi and his government have not fully recovered the party leadership from the turmoil in 2014.


China continues to be one of Asia’s largest economies and it’s seen as one of its most stable.


Xi still has a lot to do to revive his party and the economy.

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