How to tell if a South Korean lawmaker is South Korean leader and what to know about their vote

Senator Lee Young-shik (right) was the first South Korean official to be indicted by the National Security Commission for allegedly colluding with North Korea.

The commission, the body that investigates alleged crimes by South Korean officials, was investigating Lee in late March when he was appointed to the top of the National Intelligence Agency.

The former chief of the North Korean military’s military intelligence branch, Lee was widely seen as a possible successor to Kim Jong Un, the country’s leader.

He was sentenced to three years in prison in September, but was released early this year after being released on a promise to undergo “compassionate rehabilitation” after serving three years of his sentence.

The senator has denied any wrongdoing, and said he believes he is innocent.

He has not commented on his arrest.

But in an interview with the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) last month, Lee said he believed he had been falsely charged because he had done nothing wrong.

He also said he had received a letter from the prosecutor’s office that stated that he was the subject of an investigation into his alleged colluding activities.

The letter, which was sent to Lee’s office on March 12, said he was charged with treason for alleged treason and treason to the state and had to surrender his citizenship, a charge he has denied.

He said that was because he “made a statement to the public that he would not carry out acts of treason against the state, and that the accusation of treason to North Korea was baseless.”

But he denied that he had committed any crimes in his alleged dealings with the North, saying: “There is no treason here.

It’s just my statement that I did not do anything wrong.”

The senator was also charged with participating in the assassination of the South Korean ambassador to the United States, Choi Kyung-hee, in 2015.

Lee’s lawyer has previously denied that his client had anything to do with the assassination attempt.

On February 25, the senator was sentenced again, this time to three months in prison for allegedly conspiring to commit espionage against the South.

The charges against Lee, however, did not specifically accuse him of plotting to overthrow the government.

The North Korean state-run Korean Central Television (KCET) also released a statement that said he “wishes to assure the citizens that he is not plotting any terrorist acts.”

Lee was among several South Korean lawmakers who had been under investigation for alleged involvement in the death of Choi.

On March 10, he was accused of being a “senior official” in a secret intelligence unit and of being involved in the killing of the former South Korean president Park Geun-hye.

The allegations against Lee were first reported by the South’s Yonhap news agency, which said that the North had offered to “pay” $100 million in cash in exchange for his cooperation in the case.

According to a statement by the Korean National Intelligence Service, the North offered the money in exchange “for the release of the four lawmakers.”

But according to Yonhap, a North Korean intelligence official told the agency that the proposal was never made.

Lee, who was also named as a co-conspirator in a 2017 case in which he was found guilty of stealing North Korean secrets, was arrested in February and placed under house arrest in March.

He remained at the North’s request until his release on April 14.

A month later, the South ordered Lee’s release from house arrest, saying that he should leave the country and that he could not have any contact with the people in the North.

“We hope that his release will be good for the people of the Republic of Korea and good for his people and will help them find peace and prosperity,” the South said in a statement at the time.

Lee and his lawyers, who declined to comment, have since issued a joint statement denying the accusations against them and saying they are innocent.

They also told NK News that the charges against them “do not reflect reality,” and that they are cooperating with the prosecution.

A spokesman for the National Assembly told NK TV that the lawmakers have “fully cooperated with the investigation” and that there are “no indications of treason.”

But Kim Yong-nam, the spokesman for North Korea’s Supreme Court, told the news agency that “there is no evidence of treason or any other crimes committed by any of the members of the Senate.”

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