This story is not about the Comey firing. It’s about how a president can use his power to protect his own agenda

The Justice Department’s decision to drop charges against former FBI Director James Comey is an example of how a commander-in-chief can use the power of his office to protect the nation from threats and threats of violence.

We know that Trump’s tweet on Tuesday morning was not directed at Comey directly, but at an ongoing investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russian officials, and that the tweets implied that the former FBI director had obstructed justice in doing so.

The Justice Dept. decision to release the email evidence in its investigation of Comey’s dismissal is an extreme example of an executive branch using its authority to protect a president’s agenda and the president’s own personal interests.

This is an attack on democracy.

The president’s tweet was an extreme attack on the American people and the American justice system.

But it’s not the only example of this kind of behavior in the Trump administration.

In February, the Trump Justice Department also charged former White House adviser Jared Kushner with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and the Department of Justice is investigating Trump’s campaign adviser George Papadopoulos for lying to investigators about his interactions with Russians.

There’s no doubt that Trump is not alone in these types of abuses of executive power.

But his tweet, and his administration’s actions to protect it, demonstrate how dangerous it is that Trump and his aides are able to use their power to silence critics of their actions.

As the Supreme Court noted in the case of Citizens United v.

Federal Election Commission, a “government official’s silence is a kind of endorsement of his actions, because it indicates that the official has no intention of confronting the subject or of confronting criticism of his own.”

As a result, the public has a right to expect that when the Trump Administration has used its power to intimidate critics of the Trump agenda, it will hold accountable those who have done so.

That’s why we’ve called on Congress to act to stop the Trump DOJ from undermining our democracy.

Trump’s Justice Department has shown that it’s willing to use executive action to protect its agenda.

Trump used executive action in January to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord.

It was an extremely unpopular decision, but the decision helped to push the Trump presidency into uncharted territory.

At the time, Trump said that he would use executive order to “stop the Paris Accord.”

That’s an incredible claim, but it’s one that could be made today.

President Trump is a man who has a history of making statements that are not based on facts, and when he tries to lie about the facts, he will get away with it.

It won’t stop with the Paris decision.

He will use executive actions to limit First Amendment rights, limit the free press, and to silence and intimidate critics who challenge his policies.

As Justice Department Attorney General Rod Rosenstein put it in his April 28 memo to the Department’s inspector general, the “administrative power that Trump has delegated to his senior leadership has the potential to harm the free flow of information in the United State and to undermine the integrity of the judiciary.”

The Trump administration has also taken steps to undermine basic protections of speech, press, assembly, and religion in the name of protecting the President’s political agenda.

The first of these was a June 2016 executive order banning transgender students from using bathrooms that correspond with the gender on their birth certificates.

This ban was quickly overturned by the Supreme of the United Kingdom, and this latest executive order is also being challenged in federal courts by the ACLU.

The Department of Homeland Security’s May 2016 executive action, which Trump said he would sign, banned transgender people from the military, effectively blocking their participation in our military.

This order was quickly rescinded by the Department and is currently before the Supreme.

The Trump Administration’s latest executive action is an even more dangerous precedent, because, while it prohibits transgender individuals from serving in the military or from being in government positions, it gives them the right to serve as political consultants, poll workers, or lobbyists.

Trump and the Trump White House are now threatening to revoke protections for religious institutions that practice religious freedom, including those that have refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Religious organizations have repeatedly refused to perform or provide services for same-gender weddings, and have sued to stop these actions.

If these actions are allowed to go forward, religious institutions will have no choice but to follow suit.

Religious institutions and the First Amendment are essential components of our democracy, and they should be allowed to flourish and flourish in a way that protects the rights of all Americans.

But the Trump Department of Governmental Affairs is taking matters into its own hands, and now it is threatening to use the threat of federal government action to restrict religious institutions from performing or providing services.

This executive action should be blocked.

The First Amendment protects the right of Americans to believe and practice their faith freely, and no government official should be able to effectively use his official authority to silence or intimidate those who seek to exercise that right


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