How to write your own ‘evanscence’ anthem, with the help of a composer

A little more than a month after the death of Evanescence frontman Evanescences frontman Evan Davies, the band’s new single ‘The Devil and the Sun’ has been released online.

Evan Davies died of an accidental overdose of heroin.

In a statement, Evan Davies’ family wrote: “In the final moments of his life, Evan had been taking his own life.”

The album, titled ‘The Devils & The Sun’, was written by Ian Mackay and is the first single released by Evan Davies since his passing.

The song, which is based on a poem written by Davies, is a haunting song that reflects the pain of the death and the desperation of a young man trying to find the right way out.

The lyrics are as poignant as they are heart-wrenching.’

The Devil & The Solaris’ is released on August 23 and will be available to stream for free on iTunes and Spotify, as well as being available to buy digitally on Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon.

Here’s the full tracklist:Evan Davies – Devil and The Sun (Instrumental)Evan’s first solo single, Evan has written songs that capture the pain and desperation of an artist in the throes of a personal tragedy.

We can only hope the song reflects the struggles that these young men and women have gone through.

The Devil And The Sun, Evan’s first song since the singer’s passing, was written and produced by Ian McCawley, who also wrote Evan’s third album, Evan & The Moons.

Listen to Evan’s last song, ‘In Search Of My Father’, here.

We can only imagine the pain that these men and ladies have gone thru in the past, and how much we hope to be able to offer them with this song.

Listen now.

The Devils And The Solarides’ debut album ‘The Lost’ will be released on September 4.

Listen below:

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