How the new leader of a major U.S. city’s leading water utility could impact your water bill

As of Monday, Flint, Michigan, has experienced its worst water crisis in decades, and it has become a focal point for protests and a rallying cry for people across the country who want to see the city get back on its feet.

But a new leader at Flint Water and Sewerage will need to quickly and efficiently navigate the complicated legal and political waters surrounding the city’s water supply, and a new Flint Water Quality Management District (FQQMD) to manage the water system.

As we reported in January, the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has approved a $15 million contract to run the water supply for the city.

But with a new mayor in place, there is no longer an executive order allowing Flint residents to have access to clean, safe water.

In February, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver signed a decree allowing residents to get clean water.

However, the water is not delivered by a single utility, instead, the city is part of the Flint Metropolitan Sewer Authority (FMSA), which operates both the city and the water distribution system for the rest of the state.

The new mayor will be responsible for managing the FQMDA, which is in charge of maintaining the water quality standards, regulating the water and overseeing the water trucks.

However the FMSA is under a separate legal order from the state of Michigan. 

It is unclear what role, if any, the new mayor would have in Flint’s water system, since he has not yet been sworn in.

In a statement, the FMRDA confirmed that they were “aware of the city of Flint’s situation.”

It is unclear when Flint Water will begin receiving its water again, but it is expected to start receiving its drinking water in the next few days.

The FMRD will also oversee the FMSHDA, an independent, nonprofit entity tasked with overseeing the city water supply.

The FMSD was created in 2014, and in January the FMDSA approved a contract to pay the FSMA $16 million.

However that contract was contingent on the FMO getting the approval of the FMA for the FMTSA to be created. 

The FMSHA was created by the state in 2018, after Flint residents were left without access to safe, clean water after their city was switched to a backup water source in the Flint River in 2014.

In February, the governor signed legislation that gave the FMWDA authority over the water that residents used.

The legislation was intended to help the city address its water problems and to allow the FMBDA to work with Flint to deliver safe, reliable and reliable water to Flint residents.

The legislature approved the bill in April, and the governor has been adamant that the FMEA would not be able to take over the FMMSA until the FMLA is complete.

However, on February 28, the Flint City Council voted to approve a $5.3 million contract for the work of the new FMEHDA to run Flint’s municipal water supply and distribution system.

The contract allows the FMIA to run its water system for three years, with a $3.5 million termination fee. 

According to the FMsHDA website, the role of the Water Quality Manager is to oversee and manage the management of the entire system including distribution, distribution of wastewater, treatment and treatment of wastewater.

The role of a Water Quality Engineer is to manage water quality testing and treatment.

The Water Quality Supervisor will oversee and administer the Water Supply Manager program.

The water quality manager will oversee the water truck and water treatment program, including sampling, disinfection and other requirements.

The work of a water quality engineer is part-time.

A Water Quality Scientist will perform the work on the water treatment and distribution, and oversee water truck, water treatment, and distribution operations.

The position of the water source manager is part time. 

However, the work performed by the Water Management Engineer is not part- or full-time, and there are no paid positions available for this role.

The duties of the position include, but are not limited to, maintaining the quality of the system, maintaining and monitoring the quality and quantity of water in and out of the City of Flint and performing oversight of the quality, quantity, and frequency of water deliveries, dispatches and releases, as required by the FMP, FMEHA and the FEMA. 

Although there are currently no paid jobs available, the position could be a lucrative one, if the FOMD determines that the work is needed. 

On Monday, the State Department of Labor (DOL) released its monthly employment report for January and February.

The DOL also noted that there were 9,988 workers working in Flint as of January, with an average hourly wage of $17.30.

That is about $1.7 an hour less than the average hourly

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