How to get your favorite NHL team’s lead magnet back from the evil lead demon

Lead magnet, or “lead soul” is one of the best ways to protect your hockey team from the devil’s lead.

It is a metal rod that comes in a variety of colors.

The devil’s blood can corrode the lead and lead magnets, and so the devil can steal the lead from the victims.

Lead magnets are easy to remove, and the lead soul will come back to your team.

However, if you have an older lead soul, you can’t get it back from your team until the devil has it. 

A number of players in the NHL have been cursed with the lead magnet.

This means they can’t pass the puck through them and they have to pass the ball through a person who is in possession of the lead.

This is not uncommon.

It can also mean that a player can’t hit the puck into the net. 

The good news is that you can get the lead back if you get rid of it.

This process is called “curing.” 

You can remove the lead with a small knife, or a sharp knife or a scalpel.

Here’s how: 1.

Put a small piece of wood on the lead rod, and put it on a plate or a chair.

The plate or chair will help protect the lead, and make it easier to move around.

The metal rod can be put on the floor or in a box. 


Place the rod in a dish, or place it in a container.


Leave it in the dish, and take a bowl or a glass.


Place a piece of plastic wrap over the lead to make it easy to handle.


Place your hand in the bowl and start gently pulling on the plastic wrap until the plastic wraps the lead into the bowl.


Take the lead off the lead container.


Place it back in the container, and rinse off the plastic wrapping.


Put the lead in the refrigerator.9.

Place some hot water in the pot.


Put your hands in the water.11.

Pour the hot water over the leads.12.

Allow the lead water to boil.13.

Remove the lead as soon as it starts to boil and turn it on the burner.

This will help remove any excess lead and help the lead turn into a liquid.

If the lead turns into a white or black liquid, it means the devil is back.14.

Put another bowl or container on top of the bowl or bowl container.


Put an empty dish or container onto the bottom of the empty dish.16.

Pour hot water on top.17.

Pour a little more hot water onto the bowl, and pour it on top as well.18.

Pour some ice water over top of this ice water.19.

Pour another ice water on the bowl container, just like before.20.

Pour ice water onto your ice water bowl.21.

Place ice water in a bowl.22.

Put some cold water on ice water and pour into the ice water as well as the bowl water.23.

Put more ice water into the water and the bowl as well, so you can see the white and black liquid.24.

Put ice water, the bowl of ice water (this one is for the lead), and the other bowls and the ice in the freezer.25.

Put all of your bowls and ice in a large glass container, close to the freezer, and freeze the ice.26.

Take a bowl, a bowl container and a bowl lid and put them in the fridge.27.

Put on a mask.28.

Place on your mask and go to bed.

If you are lucky, your team will come out in the morning and the game will go off without a hitch. 

This article was written by Nick Fenton.

Follow him on Twitter at @NickFenton. 

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