How to be a Union Leader

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between the three leaders, their policy positions and their strengths and weaknesses.

Leader Arr Gordon, a former Queensland MP, was first elected to Parliament in 1997, the same year the state was formed as the state of Queensland.

He has also served as the party’s president since 2009, when he was re-elected as leader.

Leader Anthony Albanese was elected in 2010 as the former Liberal leader’s deputy.

While Mr Albanese is a former minister and deputy premier, Mr Gordon is a senior figure in the Liberal Party and the state’s first black leader.

Mr Gordon has previously been described as a “nationalist” and “centrist”, and is the son of a former prime minister.

In 2016, Mr Albanishse was appointed by the Labor government as a senior adviser, a role he held for a decade before retiring from politics.

Mr Gordon is an outspoken opponent of the controversial carbon tax, which he called a “tax on the economy”.

In 2014, Mr Gillard won the election, but Mr Gordon was the first person to lose the election in his party.

A Liberal Party spokesperson said: “We congratulate Tony Gordon for his election to the leadership of the Liberal party of Queensland, but we also recognise that he is a long-serving member of the Labor Party and that he will have to make a difficult decision about his future if he wants to continue as leader of the party.”

As leader of a party, he will face challenges, but he will also have the support of many members of his caucus.

“Leader Albanese, who also served in the Labor Cabinet, was appointed to the position by Mr Gordon in 2015.

He has been widely criticised for his “politicising” of the state, particularly over his support for the controversial climate change legislation, which passed the state parliament and is now awaiting the state government’s approval.

The Coalition is seeking to replace the Labor leader with another Coalition MP, Tim Nicholls, who has served as an MP since 1996.

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