The New York Times is the most powerful newspaper in the world, according to a new ranking

Times leader obituary obits lead sheet, time leader obitizes,time leader leads article In an obit, obit and other media reports about a person, group or institution, there are two types of references: lead sheets and lead placement.

In the case of the Times, the lead sheet is a description of the person or institution.

Lead placement refers to how well an article is written.

Times lead sheets tend to be more extensive than the Times’ lead placement in other newspapers, which can vary from article to article.

The Times’ obituaries are often more extensive, and the Times has one of the most prolific and most diverse obituarists in the business.

Times obituars are generally longer than the rest of the media, with about 40 words per obit.

That’s a lot of information for a single sentence.

For the most part, Times lead placement is not the same as lead sheets, but it is a good indication of how well the paper’s reporting is done.

Here are the top 25 obituarians, according the Times in its new ranking of the top 100 journalists in the United States.


Elizabeth Drew Dorsey is a New York-based writer.

She is a member of The Associated Press’ Editorial Board.


David Brooks is a columnist for The New Yorker.

He is also the author of “The Point of View,” which won the Pulitzer Prize for best nonfiction book.


James Patterson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and the editor of The Times’s investigative blog.


Paul Krugman is the former New York City mayor and Nobel laureate who has written extensively about economics.

He wrote the “Falling Into Place” column in The New Republic.


William M. Galston is the Pulitzer prize-winning author of the best-selling novel “The Lord of the Rings.”

He is the author and editor of the new novel “Breath of Fire.”


James Pethokoukis is a Times-based columnist and editor for the news site Salon.

He has been a Pulitzer-nominated journalist and the founder of the blog The Atlantic Wire.


Stephen Kinzer is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and executive editor.

He was the president of Business Insider and was the editor-in-chief of Newsweek.


Stephen Cohen is a senior editor at Newsweek.

He also runs The Times.


James Taranto is a contributing editor at The New American.

He covers the presidential campaigns and the White House for the New American Media Group.


Nicholas Kristof is a frequent columnist for Slate and a contributing columnist for Newsweek.

Kristof has been on the Times editorial board since 2007.


Maggie Haberman is a contributor to The New America.

She covers social justice issues and the politics of education for The Atlantic.


Michael Scherer is a professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame.

He co-founded the Center for Media and Public Affairs and served as chief White House correspondent for CNN from 2006 to 2008.


James Poniewozik is the director of the Center on Media and Democracy at New America and co-author of the book “The New Class: The Hidden History of the Rise of the Financial Elite.”


Paul Sperry is a journalist and author of several books including “No More Heroes: Why Our Heroines Need You Now” and “The Audacity of Hope.”


Daniel Patrick Moynihan is a historian at the New School for Social Research.

He served as President Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff from 1993 to 1996 and served in the administrations of President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

Moynihans book “Hate Crimes Against Jews: The Evidence” was recently published.


James Rosen is the publisher of The Atlantic, a popular daily newspaper and online publication that covers global politics and culture.


Matthew Yglesias is the editor at large for Vox and a contributor for The Washington Post.

He writes about economics, education, politics, culture and more.


Eric Alterman is the co-founder and director of AlterNet, an online platform for social change.

He serves as co-host of the podcast “The Big Tent” on the podcast network WNYC.


Emily Yoffe is a reporter for The Wall Street JournoList.

She writes about media, technology and the intersection of those two.


Andrew Kaczynski is a writer and editor at Politico.

He’s a contributor and columnist for Vox.


Joe Bernstein is a CNN senior politics editor and the president and editor-at-large of CNNMoney.

He tweets at @JoeBernstein.


Tom Friedman is a nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Post and a former managing editor of Newsweek magazine.

He joined Newsweek in 2010.

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