What will you do if you lose your job?

It’s been a tough few weeks for the steel industry, but a new report says that as much as one in five steelworkers are looking to sell their jobs.

The report, which was published this week, says that, over the past decade, the number of job losses has risen to over 1.6 million.

It’s estimated that over that time, the average job losses have been at least 10 per cent higher than the number in the previous 12 months.

It says that although the steelworkers union has said it will not negotiate an end to the downturn, that may not be the case.

The union’s head of labour relations, David O’Connor, said that while it is true that many of the workers who have lost their jobs in the steel sector have not been in a position to sell, it is not the case that everyone has been out of work.

The average number of steelworkers who have been out on the job in the past 12 months was around 2.6, which is down from around 3.2 in 2012, Mr O’Connors said.

“It’s not as though people are just walking away from work,” he said.

Mr O,included in the report, was a member of the steelworker’s union, the Steelworkers.

“They were doing great,” Mr OConnor said.

But the number who are on the brink of selling has risen over the last few years, he said, and that could be a sign of a trend towards greater desperation.

Mr Kavanagh, the chief executive of the Irish Institute of Management (IIM), said the report shows the steel companies are working to prevent any further job losses.

He said the government needs to do more to support steelworkers and encourage them to seek other jobs.

“We should be doing more to provide job training and job opportunities, and we need to be doing our part to ensure that we have the right workforce for the future,” he told The Irish Independent.

But Mr O’s union has welcomed the report and said it would support the government in its efforts to ensure the industry stays strong.

“The steel industry is an important part of the economy, it’s the backbone of our country and it’s an industry that has to stay here, it has to be here, so we support the Government in doing what it can,” Mr Kahanagh said.

The IIM says it will be working with the Department of Employment, Skills and the Gaeltacht to help iron out the details of a transition plan for the industry.

The company also said it expects to provide more information on job opportunities in the coming weeks.

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