Which senators are up for re-election in the upcoming midterm elections?

As a result, the party that controls the U.S. Senate will be in charge of redistricting for the next decade.

But there are some important questions about how this will happen.

Will it happen before next year’s midterm elections, or in the next two?

The Senate has a two-year term, meaning the Senate could be re-elected again this year.

But the next midterm elections are not until 2022.

This means that if the Senate holds a midterm election this year, it won’t take until 2023 to be reelected.

This will have huge ramifications for how states allocate their electoral votes.

It’s a very complicated issue, because it’s all about how states decide how to distribute the electoral votes they receive in a congressional election.

If a state wants to give a lot of electoral votes to the Democratic Party, it may decide that states should redistrict to give more electoral votes, and it could do that by using district maps drawn in the state.

But states will not necessarily do this if they want to give fewer electoral votes and, if they do, then they won’t be able to do so unless the redistricting plan is changed.

That could have serious consequences for the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections.

States will have the power to change redistricting plans after a presidential election, but it’s up to states to decide how they want this to happen.

That’s the big question about how the Senate is going to be held in 2022, and how the next elections will be held.

But what if a state chooses to use district maps to draw congressional districts instead of redistrict?

This is a change in redistricting, but how it will be implemented will be a completely different issue entirely.

In this scenario, the Senate will still be controlled by Democrats.

Instead, the redistrict maps drawn by the states will be drawn by Congress.

The states will decide how many seats are allocated based on the amount of electoral vote they receive.

For example, one state might give two seats to the Democrats and one to the Republicans.

And if there’s more than one state that uses district maps that look different from the current ones, it could mean that the current maps will be used to draw new congressional districts.

States can change their redistricting proposals after the 2020 midterm elections but this is a different issue altogether.

It could happen during the 2020 presidential election as well, if the Republicans hold a majority of seats.

And while it would be more complicated to change the redistricted maps after 2020 than it would have been after 2020, that doesn’t mean it won.

States could use district map maps drawn using existing district maps or new district maps created from district maps.

But they will still have to use them for the 2018 midterms.

And this is where it gets interesting.

If states decide to use the district maps, then it would mean that redistricting would be completely different in 2022.

If they decide to change their district maps and use a new map, then the process would still take a few years to be finalized.

That means that redistricting will be much more difficult for states to do, and that could make it more difficult to hold elections in 2022 than it was in 2020.

States may be more reluctant to change districts and redistrict, and they may choose to use a district map drawn from the old maps instead of a new one.

But if they choose to change district maps using a new district map, they will have to follow the redistortion plan that Congress set up in 2022 after the midterm elections had been held.

States would have to draw district maps in 2022 based on what was drawn in 2021.

But it’s still up to the states to set up a new redistricting system.

And there are lots of ways in which states could choose to follow a redistricting policy.

For instance, a state could set up districts that have fewer voters, or they could create districts where the percentage of voters is much higher than the percentage currently in the districts.

Or states could simply decide that their districts are too small for districts with a population of more than 100,000 people.

States are also likely to use different redistricting maps for different political reasons.

For Democrats, they may want to draw districts that are a little more partisan.

For Republicans, they could decide to create districts that look a lot like districts in states where the Republican Party is more popular.

In a few states, a new districts would have the same number of voters as the current districts.

So how will states allocate seats in 2022?

If the redistribution plan used for the 2020 midterms is still in place, then each state will have its own congressional district map.

The districts will have a number of districts that can be drawn to represent a large portion of a state’s population.

For each district, the states also will have an allocation for each electoral vote that the state receives.

States are also allowed to change that allocation, but that’s not what happens with districts drawn by

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