How to define ‘cranberry’ lead singer in a country song

How to write a catchy lead singer for a country album in the UK?

By definition a country singer has to sing about country music.

How do you define that?

In India, a country band can only be called a country if it’s a country vocal group, and in English they are a country instrumental band.

And in Hindi, a popular country song is a country-as-a-unit song, a type of country-pop.

That’s what I did with my band in the 1980s and ’90s, and what I do now.

But even then, I wrote a country anthem called “Rabri” in Tamil.

So we didn’t sing about the country.

We wrote about the beautiful scenery.

It was the first time I’d written a song about India.

I was writing about the countryside, which was my main focus in the band, when we wrote “Rabbi”.

I didn’t know how to write an uplifting song about the place.

I used to sing the song to my daughter at night and she would say, “Why is that?”

I had to explain to her that I wasn’t singing about the scenery, but about the people.

I felt like I had no words for it. I didn

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