When does your hair turn grey?

The hair color of an American football player could be one of the most important things about a player.

When a player is healthy, the hair is bright and shiny.

When they are injured, however, it is darker, gray.

In the case of NFL players, that is because they have been exposed to lead, the lead compound found in many household products.

“Lead exposure is a problem for athletes,” Dr. Michael Pfeifer, an assistant professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health, told USA Today.

“It can cause behavioral problems, and it can even affect cognitive function.”

Lead exposure is caused by a variety of sources, including: Drinking water.

Some children may not be getting enough fluoride to get enough of it from their drinking water.

A recent study found that children whose water source was fluoridated were less likely to meet childhood lead limits than children who did not drink fluoridated water.

In addition, children who had their water fluoridated had a lower risk of developing dental fluorosis.

A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association in 2016 found that some of the lead found in the drinking water in the United States could also affect the bones of children who grew up with lead in their water.

When an athlete is at risk of lead poisoning, the body will begin to produce antibodies against the compound.

Those antibodies are able to bind to the lead and destroy it.

When this happens, the player’s hair will turn grey.

That’s because the hair cells have stopped producing enough of the substance to kill off the lead.

In some cases, hair cells are able a process called keratinization, where they can turn the hair grey, to help the athlete retain the colour.

However, it’s not a permanent change to the hair color.

“As the hair colour changes, it can become cloudy and dark,” Dr Pfeiffer said.

“The player will still be able to grow hair, but it may not have the same shine as before.

Hair color is a key indicator of how well a player was able to handle the lead in his or her water.”

There are several ways to tell if a player has suffered from lead poisoning.

“In some cases the hair will become white,” Dr Jorgensen said.

In other cases, it will turn a light brown.

“But if the hair turns gray, there may be a condition called keratoconus, in which the hair becomes white,” he said.

The hair loss that occurs with lead poisoning can last for weeks.

The hair loss can also become more severe if the player is a young child, or if the athlete was a little older.

“If the hair goes gray, that’s when the symptoms become severe,” Dr Ritzenheiser said.

If a player can’t keep their hair colour, it means they have an elevated blood pressure.

“High blood pressure is a risk factor for lead poisoning,” Dr Fischman said.

A higher blood pressure can lead to a variety a health problems, including cardiovascular disease, high blood sugar, and type 2 diabetes.

“A high blood pressure also can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease,” Dr Loeffler said.

It’s not the first time the NFL has faced the issue of lead contamination in the game.

In 2008, the league announced a new rule to limit the amount of lead used in league games, but some players refused to comply.

“Some players said that the new rule would make them look bad, which it certainly did,” Dr Durbin said.

Lead poisoning can also affect how the hair grows.

“People with lead exposure may have a harder time growing their hair,” Dr Sager said.

The process of hair growth begins with the hair follicles, which are small pieces of hair that are responsible for the colouring and texture of the hair.

“When a hair follicle stops producing its hair color, it stops producing the hair and the hair stops growing,” Dr Yarbrough said.

Some hair loss may also occur after an athlete has played for a team for more than a year.

That type of hair loss is known as a “silent hair,” and it is usually a precursor to hair loss.

“Silent hair can result from two things,” Dr Leffler added.

“There can be a lot of water that is not flushed down the toilet, which causes a silky, soft-shelled substance that collects on the hair, which then is more easily removed.”

If the hair that is being lost is more than 3 to 4 inches long, the hairs can be hard to remove.

“They can become hard, and can become brittle,” Dr Zablocki said.

Other symptoms of lead exposure include: Hair loss, especially in the area of the head that is closest to the ears.

This can be caused by lead dust that accumulates in the hair shaft and leads to a hair loss disorder.

Hair loss can sometimes lead to scarring or a bald spot. Hair loss

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