How to pronounce ‘korn’ lead singer’s name

The name of lead singer of Canada’s heavy metal band Broken Social Scene (BSS) has been the subject of much speculation after the band announced its new name in June 2017.

In early 2018, the band’s official website changed the name to ‘Korn’.

In June 2017, Broken Social is a British rock band formed by vocalist and guitarist Matthew Mercer and bassist Matt Riddell in 2010.

The band has released three albums, the second of which was the self-titled album.

In January 2018, BSB released its sixth studio album, The World Is Mine.

The band’s new name was revealed on Twitter by frontman Josh Homme, who also used the word ‘kraken’.

The name ‘KORN’ was first used by the British music group Black Sabbath in 1982.

“It’s a really cool name for a band and we’re very proud of it.

It’s a word that we feel really connected to,” Homme said in a statement.

‘Korn’ is the second-most-popular English word for ‘lead singer’ among UK Twitter users in 2018, according to data from Google Trends.

Korn is the name of a fictional character in the 1980s television series The Sopranos, played by Michael Imperioli, played as a ‘lead’ singer in a British band called ‘Krieg’.

KORN Krieg is the band name of an American band from the 1970s.

RADIOACTIVE Radioactive is a term for substances that can be harmful to humans.

It is also used to describe the radioactive isotope polonium-210.

TREVOR Trevor is a surname from the Roman name of Rome.

LONGMONT Lonmont is a family name from southern England, meaning ‘a little village’ in the Old English language.

DANISH LONGMON Danville is a town in Essex, England.

HUNTER Hunters is a name from the Norse name of Odin.

BLACK SABER Black Sabre is a trademarked brand name for an umbrella brand called Sabre, which is a type of umbrella.

LEGACY Legacy is a nickname for a large group of musicians who perform at large festivals and music events.

GIGANTIC Gigantic is a generic term for a group of people who share a common hobby, such as playing video games or building massive robots.

POPULAR Popular is a derogatory term for an artist or group of artists.

BUDDIES’ PRIDE Buddies’ Pride is a song from the hit American band The Beatles.

CRAZY COLLAPSE Crazy Collapse is a slang term for someone who takes something and tries to sell it to a gullible audience.

I’m a nerd and I love it when you have a bad day.

YETI Yettin is an old English term for something to be done in an attempt to prove that someone is correct.

REALLY A THING Really A Thing is a reference to a television show about an American television show.

WELL DRY Well Dressed is a common British slang term to describe someone who looks good in clothes that are well made, but that have holes in them.

HEAVY LONGHORN Heavy Horn is a band name derived from the name Hugh.

NICK DUNN’S MOUTHY BABY Nicky Dunne is the singer of the heavy metal act Guns N’ Roses.

BOYLANDS Boylan is a Scottish Gaelic name for the Irish island of Longford.

WHISTLE LONE Whistle Lone is a North American word meaning a lone person. BRAND NEW Brand New is a phrase referring to the 2017 album that featured the band.

THE WORLD IS MINE The World Is Mint is a popular British pop song about the 1970’s band The Who.

TWO BANKERS Two Banks is a shortened form of Two, which means two.

SQUIDBLEND Squid Blend is a contraction of the word Squid, which meant to mix, or blend, in a similar way to a squirt of vinegar or a small amount of honey.


Still Another Band is a variation of the term Still Another.

BIG BABBIES Big Babies is a short form of Big.

WALL STREET JOURNALIST Wall Street Journal is a newspaper publication published by the New York Times.

It was founded in 1883.

BREAKING BAD’S JOB Breaking Bad’s job title is ‘Breaking Bad

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