Which of the waco cult leaders will make a Senate nomination?

Waco cult founder Carl “Waco” Waco was convicted of killing his wife, Nancy, in 1993, and was sentenced to death.

But his conviction was overturned and he was paroled after just one year.

Waco now runs the Cult Awareness Network, which works to combat the cultish legacy of his followers.

His wife, Cindy, is an actress.

His daughter, Sarah, is a former Texas A&M University law student.

But Cindy Waco is not going anywhere.

“I will not be a prisoner in prison for life.

I will not give up on my faith and I will fight on, regardless of my fate,” she said in a statement.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has been considering Waco’s nomination for several months.

Wacos’ nomination is likely to come before the full Senate next week.

In April, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who sits on the Judiciary Committee, told the Washington Post that he had not heard from Waco, and that he hoped his nomination would come before a full Senate vote.

“The fact is that Waco has never made any statement on the subject.

He hasn’t made a statement on his own,” Cornyn said.

“But I have been told by several people that I have spoken to him on the phone and that has not changed my opinion.

We’ll see what happens.”

In a separate interview, Waco said that while he has not been contacted by the Senate Judiciary committee, he would make a public statement “within the next couple of weeks” if the Judiciary committee does not make a final decision.

While Waco could be in line for a Senate confirmation vote, his comments will be significant for Democrats.

Wacs wife Cindy Wacom is one of four senators who have endorsed Waco.

Others are Sens.

Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Tom Udall, D.N.M., and Mark Begich, D.-Alaska.

WACOM has been critical of Waco for decades, and her support for Waco and his movement has been viewed as politically incorrect.

Waco was released from prison in 2015, but he continues to be a vocal critic of the cult.

Wafas wife Cindy was recently hospitalized with a form of cancer.

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