Evanescence: How it started, how it’s changed and why it’s back

When Evanescences lead singer Evanescance first played a show at London’s O2 Arena in the spring of 2015, the group’s fans were buzzing about their return to the UK.

The group’s debut album, Evanescens Return, had made it to number one on the UK charts, and the band had even played a sold-out gig at London Stadium, with its lead singer, Evan Harris, even standing in for the Queen.

At the time, the UK had a record number of indie bands playing festivals and sold-outs gigs, and it seemed like the music scene had a new direction for 2017.

But a year later, it seemed the UK was back to square one.

The number of acts entering the country’s music scene was falling, and many of the big names had already moved on.

The UK was facing a record-breaking summer, with the number of festival dates across the country set to fall to a new record low.

Evanescenses return, however, was something of a gamble.

The band had been on a long break after releasing their second album, The Last Days of Summer, in 2016.

They had been away from the spotlight for years, but they were still fans of the UK’s underground scene, which they called the “Evanescence scene”.

Evan Harris and the rest of the band.

Source: Evanescents official websiteAs it turned out, Evan’s return was not a surprise.

He had been doing more touring and writing, and touring with Evanescencies new band The Good Feeling was one of the highlights of his summer.

Evan’s return in 2018 was more of a surprise, as he was away on a tour with his new band, The Good Feel.

But he still had a role to play, and with his recent tour with The Good Thing, he was one step closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream of being in the UK again.

His first stop on the road was to Liverpool.

In the years since his return, Evan had gone through a few musical changes, including the death of his father in 2017, but he had also been writing a lot more music.

As he was driving back from the airport, Evan realised that he had not played in a while.

“I was thinking, ‘I’m going to play a show in Liverpool again’, but it was just too long.

I thought I had to get back home and work on some stuff and then I had this weird thought, ‘what if I do something with Evan?

What if I take him to Liverpool?’

And that’s when I realised it was actually happening,” he told Al Jazeera.”

And I went out to play my first show with him in a year and a half.”

As Evan sat on a bus heading back from Liverpool, he decided to take some time to reflect on his life and music.

He realised that his family had not been able to visit him for some time, and he felt it was his duty to bring them along.

“It was just such a privilege to see them.

It was really amazing, and I felt like I had something to give them back,” he said.

In August 2018, Evan made a full-length album with The Big Chill, an album that was written over four years and saw Evan and The Big Cool perform together as a full band, with their original vocalist, Mark H. (Mikal) Schmitt, and bassist, Matt (Dani) Hynes.

It is one of Evan’s most ambitious albums to date.

With The Big Update, Evan and the Big Chill’s debut full-album, Evan was able to make a full and complete return to touring with The Great British Band, a band that Evan had known since the early 2000s.

The band reunited with Evan to play the first ever gig in London, the Big Deal.

In October 2018, the band released its third album, A Day in the Life, which is Evan’s third solo release.

It includes a collaboration with The Cure frontman, Brian Eno.

“I really didn’t feel that much pressure, and we had some really cool ideas, and there were so many great musicians,” he recalled.

Despite all the changes that have happened in his life, Evan is still determined to play shows and tour with the band he started.””

The music is the best part, and you’re just having a good time, being happy and having fun.”

Despite all the changes that have happened in his life, Evan is still determined to play shows and tour with the band he started.

“Playing shows, touring, that’s a bit of a lifestyle change for me,” he explained.

“It’s not about making money, it’s not like, ‘Hey, I’ve got a job and I’m going out and I’ve done all this stuff’, but I just want to play in the city and tour and get people to see me.”

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