How to Follow the Leader of Cuba

Is the leader of Cuba following the leader?

Is he trying to become the leader or the follower?

What do we do if the leader becomes a follower?

Is there a role for leaders?

If the leader is following, what does the follower do?

Is it a problem?

When can the leader follow?

When should we let the leader know that he is following?

What if the follower is not following?

Are followers obligated to follow the leader to the end?

Is that the only thing the follower can do?

What does the leader say in private?

Are the followers obliged to follow?

Is the follower obliged to obey?

What are the responsibilities of followers?

Should followers follow the leadership?

Should they follow the leaders?

Are they obliged to join the group?

What is the role of followers in the group, what are the rules of the group and what are their responsibilities?

Can followers help or hinder the leader in his work?

Should the leader make sure that followers follow him?

What happens if followers do not follow?

Can they be punished?

Can the followers help the leader do his job?

Can a follower tell a leader that they don’t want to be a follower of the leader and then leave?

How to follow a leader?

Can someone tell a follower to leave?

Does the leader have to be the leader all the time?

Can he tell followers what to do?

Does a leader have an obligation to follow followers?

Can we ask the leader what he is going to do with followers?

Is a follower required to obey the leader even if the followers are not following him?

How do followers help a leader do what he wants to do without being obliged to do it?

Can there be a hierarchy of followers, or a hierarchy among followers?

How does the group deal with disagreements?

Can some followers disobey the leader because they have other concerns?

Are members obliged to listen to the leader when he is not giving orders?

Does that mean that they are not obligated to obey him, or that they have to follow him to the point of disobedience?

Can any leader force followers to follow what he says?

What should a leader be able to say in public?

Should he be able, in private, to say anything that he likes?

What about leaders who refuse to obey orders?

What kinds of rules should be set for followers?

What types of rules are to be followed by followers?

Does it matter what the leader says?

Can people who don’t follow a particular leader or group follow it?

Does obedience require more than simply obeying?

Is obedience a condition for participation in a group?

Does obeying a leader require obedience to his group?

How should followers be treated in a leadership structure?

Can leaders be punished for breaking rules?

Can members of the leadership team be fired?

Is discipline needed for leaders to be successful?

Can anyone be fired for disobedience?

How many followers is it required for a leader to have in order to succeed?

What sorts of people should be allowed to join a group that follows a leader’s orders?

Can certain types of people be allowed into a group and then be ejected for disobedience, and if so, what kinds of people can be allowed in a particular group?

Do followers have an interest in the future of the organization?

Is their involvement necessary for success?

Is membership a requirement for followers to be loyal to the group or the leader who they are joining?

How can followers be allowed access to certain information?

Can their own information be shared with the group to keep it moving forward?

What other rules are there for followers and leaders?

Is participation in the organization a condition of membership in the leadership group?

Can individuals who do not believe in the leader be excluded from the group by the leadership, or can members be allowed only to be present at meetings and to have the group’s official business done?

Can membership in a organization be revoked?

What rules apply when the leader gives the order to kill someone?

Is someone allowed to refuse to kill a person if they have a moral reason for doing so?

Is anyone allowed to lie about the cause of a death?

Is any member allowed to use physical force against another person who has a moral objection to killing someone?

What role does the religious authorities play in the life of a religious organization?

Can religion play a role in the governance of a country?

What can we learn from the history of the Jewish people?

Can Israel and the United States be allies?

How is it that the U.S. is not allied with Israel?

Is Israel allied with the United Kingdom?

What would it take to get Israel and Britain to be allies with the U-S.?

What do Israel and Great Britain share in common?

What might they have in common if they had an alliance?

What countries might have shared a common interest with Israel in the past?

What could Israel and other allies do to help build a more peaceful world?

How might they work together?

Is Russia allied with other countries that have similar

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