When the party needs to go, so does its candidate: ‘Nonsense’ to blame

I was looking at this article last week when I realized that its leader, Nancy Pelosi, is still alive and kicking.

That makes her the “nonsense” candidate in this year’s primary for House speaker, according to The Hill, which reports that her popularity has been surging and that she is the top vote-getter in the GOP primary.

Pelosi is the most powerful leader in the House, with a vast network of members, a massive congressional staff and a formidable fundraising apparatus.

But she is still fighting off serious challengers in her home state of California, where she holds a commanding lead.

It’s the first time since the last election that the Democratic leader has not held a primary race.

It was a historic victory for the left-leaning Democrats, who won two consecutive House elections by more than 40 points in 2010.

This time around, the party is facing an even greater crisis: A new wave of right-wing populism, propelled by the rise of Donald Trump, is turning the House into a battleground.

In many ways, the GOP has tried to avoid the chaos that has accompanied the rise in populist movements.

But now, as the party faces a difficult midterm election, it has to find a way to deal with the new threat.

What is the right response to a Trump presidency?

This is where we need a real leader, the conservative pundit Glenn Beck said last week on his Fox News program.

“They have to stop being such a joke and stop being a laughingstock.

They have to come out of the woods and be serious about this.

They’ve got to have real leadership, and they’ve got a long way to go.

It doesn’t happen overnight.”

The right-leaning pundit has been right on this.

In the past year, a number of prominent Republicans, including Sens.

Ted Cruz of Texas and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, have called for an end to the shutdown.

Both are part of a faction of the GOP that has been fighting for months to take back the House and hold a full-throated primary campaign against the speaker.

They hope to use that platform to put their policies into law, including a plan to cut the debt ceiling and stop the government from shutting down.

That plan is still being debated, and the party’s rank-and-file is divided over whether it is the best way to proceed.

And there are other issues that could complicate a campaign.

The right wing, particularly on social media, has made it clear that it will not back down on their demands.

As I reported last week, Breitbart News has become the primary vehicle for conservatives who have been pushing for the shutdown to be ended.

Its founder, Stephen Bannon, is an ally of the president and was a top strategist in the campaign against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He is one of the most vocal voices against the shutdown, and has been the main architect of the idea that it is a political move by Democrats to take away the Republican Party’s base.

And Breitbart News is also behind the recent effort by conservatives to organize a “March for Nancy” on the Capitol grounds.

There are signs that the GOP establishment is not fully behind these efforts.

They seem to be growing more agitated and less interested in engaging in real, principled, effective and effective governance.

And while the House leadership is likely to back off of these efforts, it is unclear whether they will have the votes to pass their plan.

This is also a time of great uncertainty for the Republican party.

The party has lost a number Senate seats in recent elections and is in the process of losing a number governorships.

It has also seen its popularity plummet in the past several years.

So even if the conservative wing does come together and win the House primary, there are going to be plenty of people who are not going to give up.

What should the party do now?

In the end, the most important thing is for Republicans to stop treating Nancy Pelosi like she is some kind of laughingstock who can’t be trusted, Beck said.

She is not going anywhere, and she is not getting any younger.

But Republicans have to start listening to the people.

They need to stop pretending that they are the party of the people and start thinking about what they can do to get people to vote for them.

That’s the only way they are going be able to regain the House.

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