How to read the medical journals

How to identify the medical journal articles that have lead online.

Article title How To Read The Medical Journal Articles That Have Lead Online article How To Identify The Medical Journals That Have Led Online.

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What is a lead online article?

A lead online is a journal article that is not indexed, or linked to, on a search engine or website.

The lead online journal article has been submitted as a result of a user’s query.

For example, a user might search for a disease in a medical journal article on the Google search engine.

The user will likely be redirected to the journal article, but the lead online will not appear in the search results.2.

How do I identify the journal articles?

A user can search for the journal title, abstract, and/or lead online title on Google.

Users can also search for journal articles using the Google keyword tool, or by entering the journal URL into a Google search box.

If a user searches for a journal title or abstract, they will likely find the lead article in the results.3.

What happens when I do a search for one of these journal articles online?

The search results are sorted alphabetically by journal title and abstract.

The first column indicates which journal article(s) has the most lead online results.

If you have the most results, then the article with the highest lead online rankings will be listed first.4.

What if I do not find the journal?

When a user clicks on a lead article, the lead journal article will be brought to the user’s browser.

The title of the journal will be shown on the page, and the abstract will be displayed in the footer of the page.

The article title will be updated to the latest edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on the same page.5.

Do I have to pay to see the journal if I don’t want to see it online?


A user can view the lead articles for free on Google Books.

Users may opt to have their links added to the page and/ or pay for access to the lead pages.6.

Does a journal have to be indexed?


A journal has to be on a Google News service.7.

How many journals can I view on Google?

Users can view journal articles on Google as long as they have a Google account.8.

Is it worth paying for a subscription to Google Books to view journals?

Yes, but not if you do not want to use Google Books and/

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