What’s happening with the Rattlesnake?

A new book by Chris Woodworth examines the Rattlers’ tumultuous history and how they have come to be a powerhouse force in the Oklahoma market.

In the wake of the death of their longtime frontman and lead singer, Chuck Barlow, the Rattler ranks No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart with a record-breaking 17.1 million albums sold.

The Rattlers have long been the No. 1 pop group in the state, with their most recent chart debut being in 2006, with the chart-topping album “Hail to the King” and their debut album “The Power of Love.”

Woodworth writes that “there’s something oddly comforting about a band whose core identity has always been a rock band and whose career has been defined by the power of a catchy, soulful pop song.”

With such a successful history, the band will be hoping to continue their success by creating a new classic album.

Woodworth writes, “The Rattlers will need to be careful not to become the next Elvis Presley, and to stay true to the timeless, catchy pop sound they know so well.”

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