How to get your test kit on the market by September 2018

Share this article Share The Government has set out a new test kit market strategy aimed at keeping people up to date with the latest technologies and improving their health.

The initiative will also help to support people in rural areas.

The Government is also investing more than £2bn in the National Health Service (NHS), as part of the Government’s “Health for All” strategy. 

The UK’s national kit supplier, B&Q, said the launch of the National Kit Strategy was a “once-in-a-generation opportunity”.

The company, which is based in Oxfordshire, said it would make a range of test kits, including those for the NHS and local authorities, available to local councils for the first time. 

“B&Q will supply kits to local authorities across the country in 2018 to support them to keep up with the ever-changing needs of their communities,” said the company’s head of public affairs, Steve McLean. 

A spokesman for B&W said the new approach was “designed to support the NHS, local authorities and communities”.

“The National Kit Service is a platform for our suppliers to share the latest products with the wider UK public and enable them to improve their delivery of high quality and affordable health care to all.” 

In August, the Government announced it was increasing the amount of funding available to the National Healthcare Alliance, an organisation which aims to improve access to healthcare in England.

The alliance aims to raise £30bn over four years to “enhance access to NHS healthcare services, ensure that all people are treated equally, and promote universal access to quality care and affordable medication and supplies”. 

The strategy will be presented to the government’s next Spending Review, which begins on September 19.

The Government has also pledged to “improve and modernise” the NHS’s mobile app, which will help people find health and care in rural and remote areas. 

However, the Department of Health has warned that the rollout of the mobile app could take “several years” to implement. 

In the meantime, health services in Wales have been hit by the coronavirus outbreak.

Wales has been among the hardest hit countries, with over 5,000 deaths and more than 1,500 confirmed cases.

Last week, the Welsh Government announced plans to cut the number of free NHS-funded mobile clinics, which provide basic medical care in the county.

The closures will save NHS money, but they will affect a smaller proportion of people. Read more:

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