Why did ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ star lead the charge in a big lead role?

Iain MacGregor’s “A Moon Sealed in Glass” is currently the highest grossing film in Ireland, overtaking the previously highest-grossing film of all time, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”.

“I always thought the lead was a big part of the experience, especially when it comes to a film like this,” he says.

“I didn’t know it was going to be the big story and it’s going to come out of nowhere, but the whole story was very important to me.”

It’s just a great film.

“Iain Macgregor has just completed “A Lunar Odyssey”, the last film of his career, which he says has been “a really nice change” for him.”

There’s something very personal about that film,” he recalls.”

You get to sit there in the moonlight and be surrounded by all these different things that are going on.

“As soon as you see the film, it’s like a real trip down memory lane.”

In the movie, the main character, a space traveller, travels from Earth to Mars and back again in search of a place to rest.

The film was based on a novel by Patrick O’Brian, which won the Booker Prize in the US.

The novel, which was published in 1994, was based in part on the life of the author and is said to have inspired MacGregour to write the movie.

“When I read Patrick O ‘Brian’s novel’, I was like ‘Oh my God, this is something that I’m interested in.

I’ve always been interested in space’,” he says, adding that the book was a source of inspiration for the film.”

He’s a brilliant writer, and I was inspired by the book.”

Patrick’s a real legend, and this is his novel, and he wrote the book, and it was based around a real event in his life.

“He’s referring to the fact that in 1996, O’Brien died at the age of 89, a tragedy which prompted him to write “A Martian” and “A Long Way Down”, two films about the early life of a space-traveling astronaut.

In both of those films, he also played a role in a different version of the same event, the man who shot the famed Liberty Valances plane.”

The idea of him flying a plane is something I’ve thought about for a long time,” he explains.”

What happens when you lose someone like Patrick O?

I’ve never had any experience of losing somebody like that.

“When it comes down to it, MacGregar says that the real-life events that he is experiencing in the film are all part of a different era in history.”

We’re in the middle of the Space Age, the first one that was really successful,” he reflects.”

People are going to the moon, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to fly planes, that’s not going to happen.

“Now you have space travel, but there are all these other things going on, and there’s something that you can’t get from the past.”

So that’s the big difference with ‘A Lunar Journey’ is, you’re going from the real world, and you’re living in a world that is very different from the one you grew up in, and that’s where it all comes from.

“When asked about the future of his life and career, Macgregar says he’s excited to see what’s next.”

Yeah, absolutely,” he replies.”

Hopefully the next thing will be the next big thing, and hopefully I’m just starting to explore it.

“I’m looking forward to a future with a little bit more passion, Iain McGregor says of his film career.”

That’s what I’ve been looking forward for the past 10 years.

“I have been a lifelong fan of Patrick O”Brian’s book and he was my inspiration to write a movie, I think, he says.

“The film “A Moonlight Ride” will be released in cinemas on March 24.

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