What is lead in your body?

By now you probably know that lead is a neurotoxin and that there are no safe levels of lead in the blood.

But you may not know how much lead in you is, or why you’re getting high blood lead levels.

It’s been estimated that a typical American can get about 10 micrograms of lead per day in their blood, which is equal to about 1/10th the lead level in a cup of coffee.

There are also concerns that the amount of lead that you’re actually ingesting is increasing.

A 2015 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the levels of exposure to lead in American children had increased by over 100% since 1980.

The CDC reported that in 2015, 2.2 million children had lead in their bodies.

Lead poisoning in children is more common in children than adults, but it’s also more common among children under five.

The study found that children in households where there were at least one adult who had high blood pressure and was taking medications that increased their blood pressure were more likely to have elevated blood lead concentrations.

Lead exposure in children has also been linked to reduced IQs in older adults.

A study published in the journal Lancet Pediatrics in 2018 found that older adults with blood lead readings above the U, S., or Canada blood lead limit of 15 microgrammes per deciliter were nearly twice as likely to develop dementia than those with lower blood lead.

The lead levels in children are also higher than those in adults.

It turns out that many of the chemicals in your home, including lead, lead paint, lead-contaminated water, and leaded glass, can also leach into the body, which can lead to health problems.

So what can you do about lead in yours?

To find out what lead levels you have in your blood, you can check your blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor.

This device uses a device that measures the pressure in your veins.

Your blood pressure will also tell you how much you’re exposed to lead.

If you have high blood pressures, it’s best to get tested for lead exposure and if you’re diagnosed with lead poisoning, you may need additional treatment, such as a lead-based paint treatment.

To check your levels of copper and lead in our blood, use a copper level test, which measures the amount in your urine.

A copper level of 2 microgramts per liter is considered high lead exposure.

A level of 10 microg per liter or more is considered low lead exposure, which means you may be at risk for developing lead poisoning.

You can also check your lead levels with a blood test for lead called a lead chromatogram (LCG).

The LCG uses a special type of blood test that looks for the presence of the heavy metal copper.

If your lead level is above or below this level, you’re at higher risk for lead poisoning and need to take further steps to reduce your exposure.

Another way to check your health is to take a blood sample.

This test is usually taken when you get a blood donation, and it measures how much your body uses of a specific type of protein called haemoglobin.

Your haematocrit, or the amount your body can use of the protein, will tell you the level of lead you have.

Some blood tests can tell you your lead status.

You’ll be able to see how much of your blood you have lead, as well as the type of lead-containing products in your system.

Another option is to go to a doctor to see if there are any lead-related symptoms.

The tests for lead in children can be difficult, because there’s no way to tell which children have the highest level of exposure.

If there are signs of lead poisoning in your children, it may be helpful to talk to them about it and get tested.

You may also want to talk with your pediatrician about getting tests done to rule out other possible causes of lead exposure in your kids, such, developmental problems, or developmental delays.

If the lead in them has started to go down, your pediatricians may be able give you a referral to a local pediatric lead clinic, or a referral may be given to a community-based health center.

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