Minecraft leads Australia in lead isotopes, researchers say

The Lead isotope was found to be one of the most abundant elements in human bone and teeth.

The scientists have calculated that the amount of lead present in bone and the bones of children is as much as three times higher than in adults.

Lead is used as a building material in some dental and dental appliances.

It is also found in many of the minerals used in the construction of some homes.

It can also be used as the primary component of silver-containing lead paint.

It has been found in the bones and teeth of children for the past 20 years, and its presence has been linked to the development of mental health disorders in many people.

A group of Australian researchers from Curtin University said that the isotope found in bone, teeth and fingernails was in the range of 2.4-4.2 micrograms per kilogram.

This would be roughly the same level as in adults, Dr Michael Schuman, from Curtinus University’s Institute of Molecular Biochemistry, said.

“So it’s quite an impressive amount of metal, but it’s only about half as much metal as we see in the environment.”

Lead was first identified as a human element in 1908.

Its presence in the body is believed to have been a result of exposure to heavy metals, including mercury.

But in recent years, more recent studies have found that lead levels in the blood have been falling in Australia.

This has led to concern that more people are being exposed to lead-contaminated air and water.

The Australian Medical Association, which represents doctors, said it was “disappointed” by the new study, but noted that lead was considered a vital component of bone health.

“We would not have expected the rise in lead levels that we see, but we do know that there is some evidence that lead is also in the air we breathe, and that is something we need to pay attention to,” AMA national secretary Andrew Lloyd-Jones said.

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