How to lead by example in a hurricane storm: ‘I had a chance to see a whole lot of things that didn’t happen in a storm’

A new documentary about the role that lead singer Chris Cornell played in a record-setting Category 5 hurricane in 2017 says he did more than anyone else to help others in need.

In “Lead by Example,” Cornell’s son, Tyler, tells the story of how the singer helped his father and fellow lead singer, Ryan Adams, to make it to the hospital where they needed to be treated.

The film, which premiered at Sundance, also includes interviews with Cornell, who now plays in the band Queens and the lead singer of the band the Black Eyed Peas.

“Lead by example was a major step forward for us,” Tyler said.

“It was a testament to our passion and our dedication to making sure people were going to get to the right place and were going get the help they needed.

We knew that if we kept going in the right direction, that would mean more people would get through this, and that’s what we kept pushing.”

The film includes interviews from other people who helped in their own way.

It also includes images from Cornell and Adams, who are currently in the midst of a massive legal battle with the city of Las Vegas over an unpaid ticket for a concert that Cornell and the Black Eye attended in January 2017.

Cornell was arrested on April 17, 2017, in connection with the concert, which he and the band attended with Adams, along with other members of Queens.

The city sued Cornell and his band, saying that the performance was a public nuisance.

The case is ongoing.

In a statement released Tuesday, the city said: “The court is concerned that a federal judge has found that the city did not make sufficient efforts to enforce its civil rights ordinance against the band.”

“The city is confident that our litigation will be successful, but we are confident that the court will also recognize that our lawsuit is about much more than the right to perform,” the statement said.

The documentary features interviews with many of the people who were part of Cornell’s “Lead By Example” effort.

It highlights their stories, some of which the film says are “disturbing and heartbreaking.”

Cornell is one of many celebrities who stepped in during the storm.

He and Adams made a video tribute to one of the victims of Hurricane Harvey, saying: “There is no one else I can think of that could have done more.”

They have a new album, titled “I Know There’s a Reason.”

In the documentary, Tyler and his mother, Michelle, talk about their father and what he taught them in the face of tragedy.

“I knew that Chris would be there for me,” Tyler says.

“Chris helped me to become who I am now.

He helped me take on this challenge and make it through it.

Chris always had the right mindset.”

The father of three, who also has an older son, also talked about the way that he saw his son change.

“When Chris came home, we were just so happy,” he said.

“[Chris] was so excited to see me and our son.

He came in to our room one day, and he was like, ‘Hey mom, are you home yet?'”

He added: “I think that was the hardest thing that we could do.

He’s my son.

We are going to be here for him.””

Lead By Examples” was directed by David Blum, who previously worked on the “American Sniper” movies and “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise.

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