How to make a game with Lead pencil lead?

A developer in Mumbai, India has developed a simple game for the iPad.

It lets you draw a character with a pencil lead.

This simple game was developed by a couple of friends.

A friend was also making a game for iOS, which has a similar design, and we decided to work on this game.

It is a simple one-finger drawing, and you can tap the screen to change the colors, which changes the look of the drawing.

It looks a little like a simple drawing app, but it also has some features.

It includes a leaderboard, which lets you see how well you have done with the game.

A screenshot of the leaderboard in action.

We have created a little video tutorial for the game, which is really nice.

It shows you how to use a pencil to draw a picture, and how to move the pencil around with the help of the keyboard.

You can draw the character with the pencil using a ruler, which gives a nice way to see where the pencil ends up.

In the video, you can see that you can draw a face and then change the color of that face.

You can also add text and draw lines using the keyboard, and change the size of your pencil.

You get to see the results of the game when you press the iPad’s camera button, and zoom in to the screenshot below.

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