‘Binge-watching’ rock’s biggest hits: The Top 20 hits that define the ‘peak’ of music

The Top Twenty Rock Songs of All Time is here, and it’s hard to beat the hits from rock’s peak years.

From The Beatles’ ‘Imagine’, to the Rolling Stones’ ‘The Rolling Stones Are Dead’, to The Beatles classic ‘Yesterday’, The Rolling Stones have had a massive impact on the music world.

This is no different to what happened in 2017, with rock’s top 50 albums all set to be released on the same day.

Here are the 20 biggest hits from the past 30 years, as well as their top ten albums.


‘Yesterday’ The Rolling Stone is a big rock album, but the first of The Rolling Somethings, it’s arguably the best album of its time.

Recorded in 1972, it was the first album to be recorded live, and the band was also able to capture the live atmosphere of their early sessions.

It’s one of the most memorable albums of all time, and has been described as one of rock’s greatest albums.


‘Live Forever’ The Beatles, ‘Live’, is the classic of rock and roll.

It was recorded live in London in 1969, in the same week that the Beatles were completing their landmark Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

It became the first recorded song to reach number one on the Billboard 200 chart, and remains a staple of rock.

The Beatles recorded the album live on six separate occasions, and a video is still available online, showcasing the band performing live.

It remains one of their most popular songs, and is a favourite of every Beatles fan.


‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ John Lennon, the late band’s most famous member, penned this timeless hit in 1965.

It is a classic rock song, and Lennon’s lyrics are about his dreams for the Beatles.

The song has become a staple for John’s fans to sing along to at concerts, and one of his best known lyrics is: “I can’t always get what I want/ I can’t live forever.”


‘She Loves You’ The Stones, ‘She Love You’, is one of John Lennon’s most iconic and iconic songs.

It has been sung by hundreds of millions of people worldwide since the recording of the song in 1967.

It goes something like this: “We all love each other/ You love me, I love you, We all love, love each others.”

The song was one of Lennon’s biggest success stories at the time, as his song was a huge hit in the United Kingdom and in America.

Lennon and his band played it live more than 20 times, and became so well-known that it’s been performed by rock stars like Sting, Jon Bon Jovi and Metallica.


‘I Feel Fine’ In 1975, the Beatles released ‘I Love Lucy’, their first single from their second album, The White Album.

The album’s single, ‘I’m A Loser’, was a hit and became a classic of the pop world, and had a huge impact on pop culture.

The hit song helped inspire the Beatles to become a big band.

The record was recorded in Los Angeles, and was released in September 1976.

The group was in the studio for about two weeks before the song’s release, and spent the time recording it live.

The recording was the best-selling single in Britain at the end of the year, and went on to become the best selling song in history.

The first single was the Beatles’ biggest hit of the 1970s.


‘Imagine’ The song, written by The Rolling Singers, was written during the sessions for the album that eventually became Sgt Pepper.

The Rolling Band, which included The Beatles and their drummer Ringo Starr, wrote it.

It originally came about as a joke, but when the song was recorded it became a hit.

It sold more than a million copies worldwide.


‘Good Vibrations’ ‘Good vibes’ is the most iconic song from The Beatles album Sgt Pepper, and for good reason.

The track was written by George Harrison, and originally came from a session where he and Paul McCartney recorded a song for the song, ‘Love Me Do’.

McCartney then took the song to his friend, Ringo, and they recorded it at Abbey Road Studios.

The resulting song, which was eventually used as the opening song of The Beatles second album Sgt Pete, was the biggest hit in Britain and the first song to sell more than 100 million copies in its first week.

The lyrics are: “If you love me do you love love me?

Do you love all I do, do you always love all you do?”

McCartney’s version is the one most people know.

It made it onto the top five of the UK singles chart, but was only recorded in London.

It only went number one in America, but became the top single of

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