CHARLES BELLEBERMAN, the lead singer of Chicago’s ECG and a member of the band Staind, died on April 7 at age 47, his agent said.

“Charles died peacefully at his home,” according to his agent, Bob Mazzotti.

“He was a true musician and an incredibly talented and talented person.”

Belleberman was the second of four children of a German immigrant father and Italian mother who emigrated to Chicago in 1947.

He was a founding member of Staindo, a jazz-rock group formed in 1947 by Frank Stella, who was born in the United Kingdom.

Stella had been playing jazz since he was seven.

Bellebermen’s mother died when he was 10.

He later formed his own band, which played at the University of Chicago, before going on to form the ECG.

The ECG was a hit in the mid-’50s with both Chicago audiences and the country-rock community, and it went on to become one of the most successful acts of the 1960s and 1970s.

Bellebers first career hit came in 1966 with the debut album, In the Shadows, a combination of jazz and funk.

The band’s first album, The Night is Falling, was released in 1972.

After that, the band went on tour with the Beatles, then signed with Capitol Records, which released their debut album The Greatest Hits in 1978.

The group made two more albums, one in 1980 and another in 1987, and was also signed to EMI.

In 1987, Bellebers, Stella and bassist Steve Jones formed a trio called The Five of Us with singer-songwriter Michael “The Cat” Thompson.

They toured extensively and recorded their debut, A Boy Named Man, in 1982, and two albums, The Man Who Was Not a Boy Named Woman, in 1985.

Belles last solo album, 2003’s The Good Girl, was certified gold by the RIAA in February.

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