Sample Data Set

Keywords: Accountant, Advisor

Total Result Found: 6682

Industry: Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services

Country: Greece

ID. Keyword First Name Last Name Designation Company Location Source
7001 accountant Stefanos P Tzioutzios Accountant PwC Greece Not Included
7002 accountant Georgios A Doukas Accountant PPC S.A. Not Included
7003 accountant Triada Adamidou Assistant Accountant PepsiCo Not Included
7004 accountant Vassiliki Agapitou Senior Accountant Empire Navigation Not Included
7005 accountant Anastasia Akepsimaidou Assistant Accountant Diageo Not Included
7006 accountant Matoula Amerali Senior Accountant Cardiff Marine inc Not Included
7009 accountant Thanos Anagnostopoulos Assistant Accountant MJ Properties Not Included
7010 accountant Dimitris Anagnou Accountant Stelios Nomikos Consultans & Accountants Not Included
7011 accountant Math Anastasia Accountant Accounting office Not Included
7012 accountant Georgia Anastasini Senior Accountant B.B. Energy Not Included
7013 accountant Dionisia Andreola Chief Accountant RIZARIOS ECCLESIASTICAL SCHOOL Not Included
7014 accountant Marianna Andrianopoulou Assistant Accountant AEGEAN MARINE PETROLEUM S.A. Not Included
7015 accountant Sofia Angelopoulou Staff Accountant Pierre Fabre Hellas Not Included
7016 accountant Gina Antoniou Accountant Progressive Business Advisors SA Not Included
7017 accountant Larentzakis Antonis Senior Assistant Certified Public Accountant Orion Audit Not Included
7019 accountant Nikos Apostolakis Accountant Account Office Vasilakis Emmanouil Not Included
7020 accountant Ioannis Apostolopoulos Junior Accountant Dialectica Not Included
7021 accountant Dimoulas Apostolos Cost Accountant Delmonte Fresh Produce Not Included
7022 accountant Nikolaos Anastasios Artsanos Accountant Samos Steamship Co. Not Included
7023 accountant Eleni Arvanitaki Assistant Accountant FILIPPOPOULOS ACCOUNT OFFICE Not Included
7024 accountant Omiros Aslanidis Assistant Accountant Copais S.A. (member of D. Nomikos S.A. Group) Not Included
7025 accountant Vicky Asprogeraka Accountant Public (Retail World SA) Not Included
7026 accountant Christos Avarkiotis Senior Accountant Astellas Pharma Europe Not Included
7027 accountant Spiros Avgoustis Accountant Assistant Board Consulting S.A. Not Included
7028 accountant Chryssoula Balafouti Senior Accountant Pioneer Marine Not Included
7029 accountant Spiros Balioukos Accountant PCT (Piraeus Container Terminal) Not Included
7030 accountant Maria Balla Senior Accountant P.ATHANASIADES & CO S.A. Not Included
7031 accountant Maria Balta Accountant Dorian Lpg Management Corp Not Included
7033 accountant Evi Barla Accountant F&A Not Included
7034 accountant Stefanos Bartsiokas Accountant Multinational Online Tourist Agency Not Included
7035 accountant Maria Bartzoka Accountant Infaccount Ltd Not Included
7036 accountant Virginia Basakou Supervising Senior Accountant KPMG in Greece Not Included
7037 accountant Vasiliki Batrakouli Assistant Accountant Lamproulis S.A. Not Included
7038 accountant Marina Bolani Accountant Innotech - Innovative Technologies Not Included
7039 accountant Stavroula Bolanou Assistant Accountant DALOMAR SHIPPING SA Not Included
7040 accountant Eirini Bolomyti Accountant Feelgood Entertainment S.A. Not Included
7041 accountant Vangelis Bonis Accountant Kleopas Alliott Business Consultant SA Not Included
7042 accountant Fenia Botzioli assistant accountant Fasmetrics Not Included
7043 accountant Nikolaos Bougalis Senior Accountant Aegean Motorway S.A. Not Included
7045 accountant Aikaterini Bournazou Financial Accountant McArthurGlen Group Not Included
7046 accountant Konstantina Bourouni Accountant Learning Systems Hellas SA - Consulting Group Not Included
7047 accountant Eleni Boutserou Accountant SOL CONSULTING S.A. Not Included
7048 accountant Eftychia Chairopoulou Assistant Accountant Recom Not Included
7049 accountant Anastasia Chalkidou Member ACCA Advisory Committee Greece ACCA Not Included
7051 accountant Marietta Charitonidou Tax Accountant Accounting Firm - Kifisia, Athens Not Included
7052 accountant Stathis Chatzakis Accountant Servico SA International Business Consultants Not Included
7053 accountant Gina Chatzianagnostou Assistant Accountant Neptune Lines Not Included
7055 accountant Tatiana Chatzopoulou Assistant Chartered Auditor Accountant SOL S.A. Not Included
7056 accountant Nikos Chinas Accountant Antosi Technical Ltd Not Included
7057 accountant Nikos Choursalas Chief Accountant Divani Collection Hotels Not Included
7058 accountant Spyros Chrysomallis Certified Public Accountant - Partner PKF EUROAUDITING SA Not Included
7059 accountant Thanos Daniil Accountant SSH Maritime Not Included
7060 accountant Alexia Darra Assistant Accountant EDF Renewable Energy Not Included
7061 accountant Theodora Deligiorgi ACCOUNTANT , CREDIT CONTROL MANAGER ANATOMIC HELP SA Not Included
7062 accountant Elena Derdeli Accountant Premier Capital SA Not Included
7063 accountant Odyssia Dimaki Accountant MetLife Not Included
7064 accountant Georgia Dimaraki ACCOUNTANT ASSISTANT MEDIHELM ????????????? ?? Not Included
7065 accountant Anastasios Dimitriadis Accountant Triton Partners Not Included
7066 accountant Asimakidis Dimitrios Chief Accountant Star Bulk Carriers Corp. Not Included
7067 accountant Tampakakis Dimitris Accountant Candia Finance Not Included
7068 accountant Ourania Disakia Accountant McKinsey & Company Greece Not Included
7069 accountant Sofia Drampa Accountant Physiopharma PowerPharm Not Included
7070 accountant Anastasios Eftychopoulos Certified Auditor Accountant - Manager PwC - Greece Not Included
7072 accountant Tsioumas Evangelos Accountant CONSTRUCTION TEBIOME SA Not Included
7073 accountant Maria Feka Assistant Accountant Unilever Not Included
7074 accountant Jenny Fetokaki Accountant Tax Aces Not Included
7075 accountant Kostis Filtros Accountant KPMG Not Included
7076 accountant Vrisiida Floratou Accountant KPMG Greece Not Included
7077 accountant George Fountas Accountant Tax Solution P.C. Not Included
7078 accountant Antigoni Foutsi Assistant Accountant Accounting Office Not Included
7079 accountant Katerina Fragkou Financial Accountant Aksia Not Included
7080 accountant Tasos Frousios Chief Accountant VESTAS HELLAS S.A. Not Included
7081 accountant Eleni Gaitani Accountant BIOERGEX SALATAS BROS SA Not Included
7083 accountant Joanna Georgakakou Accountant Ernst & Young Not Included
7084 accountant Antigoni Giagkoudi Chief Accountant ZOUROS GROUP OF COMPANIES -MCT Not Included
7085 accountant Nikolaos Giamalakis Senior Accountant cretan retail management sa Not Included
7086 accountant Vassiliki Giannakara Staff Accountant Meliartos, 65 Ermou St., Athens Greece Not Included
7087 accountant Stamelos Giannis Accountant - Tax consultant QAS CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS LTD Not Included
7088 accountant Giannis Giannos Accountant Accountant Not Included
7090 accountant Nikolaos Gkikas Accountant - Payroll Officer Hellenic Center for Marine Research Not Included
7091 accountant Dimitris Gkounas Accountant Unitized Ocean Transport Limited Not Included
7092 accountant Apostolis Gkountas Accountant ONSITE S.A. ACCOUNTING Not Included
7093 accountant Theodoros Gkouros Fund Accountant Hines Not Included
7095 accountant Maria Gouvia Accountant CosMote Not Included
7096 accountant Kostas Grigoropoulos Accountant Pantheon Tankers Management Ltd Not Included
7097 accountant Ioanna Gryllaki Chief Accountant Air Liquide Hellas SAGI Not Included
7098 accountant Nick Haidoutis Senior Accountant YACHTING PROTECTION Ltd Not Included
7099 accountant Vaggelis I Papadopoulos Accountant I. Papadopulos & Co GP Not Included
7100 accountant Nikoleta Intzidou Assistant Tax Accountant Mazars Greece Not Included
7101 accountant Michalis Kagiorgis Accountant ARTION Accounting, Tax, Consulting services Not Included
7102 accountant Demi Kaipalexi Assistant Tax Accountant Mazars Not Included
7103 accountant Anna Kakava Assistant Accountant TERNA S.A. Not Included
7104 accountant Thelxiopi Kaliakouda Accountant Accountat office Not Included
7105 accountant Konstantinos Kalogerakos Cost Accountant HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group of Companies Not Included
7106 accountant Antonis Kanioros Accountant Avon Not Included
7107 accountant Georgia Kaperoni Accountant KSD Business Solutions SA Not Included
7108 accountant Kostas Kapsis Chief Accountant Asepta S.A. Not Included
7110 accountant Maro Karagkouni Accountant Pharmaceutical Association of Piraeus Not Included
7111 accountant Vassiliki Karantzia ACCOUNTANT Minerva Marine Inc. Not Included
7112 accountant Eleni Karapidaki Assistant Accountant Lamaplast s.a. Not Included
7113 accountant Veronica Karathanasi Accountant Assistant Mortek Ltd. Not Included
7114 accountant Nikos Karavolias Tax Accountant Kolais Pantazis Tax Accountant Office Not Included
7115 accountant Dimitris Kareliotis Assistant Accountant INKAT SA Not Included
7116 accountant Sofia Karkouli ACCOUNTANT LIACACOS SA Not Included
7117 accountant Stathaki Katerina Fund Accountant Eurobank EFG Not Included
7118 accountant George Katopodis Senior Accountant Baker Tilly Greece SA Not Included
7119 accountant Dimitris Katramados Accountant and financial reporting analyst Nea Genia Ziridis Not Included
7120 accountant Dimitrios Katsaros Cost Analyst, Cost Accountant Alumil S.A. Not Included
7121 accountant Georgia Katsola General Accountant Unipak Hellas Industrial & Commercial S.A. Not Included
7122 accountant Nikh Katsoura Tax Consultant and accountant foropraxis Not Included
7123 accountant Antonia Kissoudi General Ledger Accountant UNIPAKHELLAS S.A. - INDEVCO Group Not Included
7124 accountant Martha Klamaria Senior Accountant Pharmacy295 Not Included
7125 accountant Christina Koligri Supervising senior accountant KPMG Greece Not Included
7126 accountant Elina Koloventzou Assistant Accountant GMC Accounting Not Included
7127 accountant Katerina Konstantopoulou Accountant JOHNSON & JOHNSON HELLAS Not Included
7129 accountant Grigoris Kontogiannis Chief Accountant Konica Minolta Not Included
7130 accountant Athina Olga Kosma Accounting Supervisor Agricultural Collaboration Not Included
7131 accountant Nick Kosmas ACCOUNTING ANTONIOU Not Included
7132 accountant Elektra Kostaki Senior Financial Accountant Aegean Airlines Not Included
7133 accountant George Kotis Accountant ERT S.A. HELLENIC BROADCASTING CORPORATION Not Included
7134 accountant Daphne Kougioumtsiadi Assistant Certified Public Accountant SOL AEOE Not Included
7135 accountant Alexandra Koulakidou Assistant Accountant inart homestyle Not Included
7136 accountant Aggeliki Kounadi ACCOUNTANT BCA COLLEGE Not Included
7137 accountant Eleana Kourkoulou Accountant Mayor Hotels & Resorts Not Included
7138 accountant Theodora Koutsala Reporting Accountant Andriaki Shipping Co Ltd Not Included
7139 accountant Vicky Koutsopoulou Accountant EDA Attikis S.A. (Attiki Natural Gas Distribution Company) Not Included
7140 accountant Giorgos Kouyialis Accountant AstraZeneca Not Included
7141 accountant Logothetis Koveos ACCOUNTANT Accounting Management Solutions Not Included
7142 accountant Anna Koyka ACCOUNTANT WIND Hellas Not Included
7143 accountant Sophia Krompa Accountant Amway Not Included
7144 accountant Kely Kylidou ACCOUNTANT ANCORA INVESTMENT TRUST Not Included
7145 accountant Theodoros Kyriakakis Accountant METALIGN Not Included
7147 accountant Eliana Kyriakou Junior Accountant Chiesi Hellas Not Included
7148 accountant Mixalis Kyriazis Assisant Accountant ASnetwork. Not Included
7149 accountant Christiana Kyriazopoulou Assistant Accountant Agrotech S.A. - John Deere Greece Not Included
7150 accountant Stamatis Kythreotis Chief Accountant Solidarity Now Not Included
7151 accountant Antony Labidonis Accountant IAMEX Medical Products S.A. Not Included
7152 accountant Roumpini Lamprinakou Senior Accountant Elanco Not Included
7153 accountant Adamantia Latifi Certified Auditor Accountant SOL AEOE Not Included
7154 accountant Loukas Lazaridis Project Accountant Zoniro S.A. Not Included
7155 accountant Nikos Lekkas Accountant class A' Kassiopi Accounting Office Not Included
7156 accountant Maria Lerma Assistant Accountant Best Fruit Ltd. Not Included
7157 accountant Kalliopi Lezou Accountant Hager Hellas Not Included
7158 accountant Ioanna Liatou Financial Reporting Accountant ELLAKTOR GROUP Not Included
7159 accountant Chimonidi Lila Accountant Max-in Ltd Not Included
7160 accountant Theodora Loumioti Accountant AM Nomikos Not Included
7161 accountant Garyfallia Loutsia Assistant Accountant Actnet Tax solutions Not Included
7162 accountant Voula Lydianou Assistant Accountant PORTO CARRAS GRAND RESORT Not Included
7163 accountant Yiannis M Theodorakos Assistant Accountant EY Not Included
7164 accountant Vasileia Magnisali Assistant Accountant Riginos Yachts SA Not Included
7165 accountant Eleni Makri Accountant - Tax Consultant M Accounting Not Included
7166 accountant Efthymios Makris Senior Accountant Accounting and Tax Consulting Services Not Included
7167 accountant Emma Makro Assistant Accountant ACCOUNTING OFFICE Not Included
7168 accountant John Makrynikolas Senior Accountant Leroy Merlin Not Included
7169 accountant Christina Manolakas Assistant Accountant - Accounts Payable Whirlpool Hellas S.A. Not Included
7170 accountant Christina Manou Assistant Accountant Accounting Association Amanatidi P.C. Not Included
7171 accountant Maria Manouka Accountant Assistant GLASSCON ?? Not Included
7172 accountant Georgia Mantzorou Accountant INTERKAT S.A. Not Included
7173 accountant Pantelis Maredis CHIEF ACCOUNTANT FOROLOGISTIKI ELEGKTIKI LTD ( FELEPE ) Not Included
7174 accountant Vasiliki Marentaki Senior Accountant Skoulakis private co Not Included
7175 accountant Dinos Margonis Senior Accountant PCCW GLOBAL Not Included
7176 accountant Angelos Markopoulos Assistant Accountant Infoquest Technologies SA Not Included
7177 accountant Valasia Markouli Assistant Accountant Papakonstantinou Panagiotis., accounting office Not Included
7178 accountant Maria Matsama ACCOUNTANT FAMILY BUSINESS Not Included
7179 accountant Chara Mavrantoni Financial Accountant Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd (TNP) Not Included
7180 accountant Giannis Mavrikos Accountant EY Not Included
7181 accountant Marina Mavrokefalou Accountant E.A.S EBROU SYN.PE Not Included
7182 accountant Dimitris Melas Chartered Accountant, Partner Grant Thornton Greece Not Included
7183 accountant Athena Milessi Consolidation Accountant Intralot Not Included
7184 accountant Eirini Mitropoulou Senior Financial and Tax Accountant CBS SA Not Included
7185 accountant Faye Mitsakou Assistant Accountant SYMETAL Aluminium Foil Industry S.A. Not Included
7186 accountant Georgia Mouka Accountant Ernst & Young Not Included
7187 accountant George Moundros Certified Public Accountant SOL S.A. –ASSOCIATED CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS AUDITORS Not Included
7188 accountant Dimitra Moustaka G/L Accountant ASICS Europe BV Not Included
7189 accountant Georgios Moysiadis Assistant Accountant Pavlides Liquid Fuels G.P. Not Included
7190 accountant Panagiotis N Stasinopoulos Accountant AGEMAR Estates S.A. Not Included
7191 accountant Dimitrios Nasiakos Chief Accountant Watson Farley & Williams Not Included
7192 accountant Aikaterini Natsi Chief Accountant GrandVision Not Included
7193 accountant Christiana Nikolaidoy ACCOUNTANT NOE METAL CONSTRUCTIONS SA Not Included
7194 accountant Antonis Nikolaou Accountant- Credit Controller Saint-Gobain Not Included
7195 accountant Dimitrios Nikoloudakis Accountant Siemens Gamesa Not Included
7196 accountant Nikos Ntiptsis Certified Public Accountant, Ernst & Young Hellas Not Included
7197 accountant Ioannis Ntovas Assistant Accountant NEON ENERGY S.A. Not Included
7198 accountant Konchylaki Olga Accountant TT Not Included
7199 accountant Theodore Ostrias Accountant Hellenic Petroleum Not Included
7201 accountant Efthymios Panagiotopoulos Chief Accountant at Aegean Warehouses S.A Aegean Warehouses S.A Not Included
7202 accountant Konstantinos Panagiotou Accountant - Tax Advisor Global Tax Not Included
7203 accountant Aggelos Panagopoulos Tax Advisor Accountant ARTION Accounting, Tax, Consulting services Not Included
7204 accountant Sofia Papadopoulou Assistant Accountant EKO Calypso Not Included
7205 accountant Vassilia Papaelias Accountant A&M ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS & PROJECT MANAGERS Not Included
7206 accountant Dionysis Papageorgakopoulos Certified Public Accountant SOL S.A Not Included
7207 accountant Stelios Papageorgiou Accountant Mutual Health Fund of National Bank of Greece Not Included
7208 accountant George Papageorgopoulos Certified Public Accountant SOL SA Not Included
7209 accountant Estela Papagianni Head Assistant Accountant & Project Manager University of Patras Not Included
7210 accountant Apostolos Papagiannopoulos Professional Accountant Enel Green Power Hellas S.A Not Included
7211 accountant Fotis Papaioannou Assistant Accountant Meat processing industry Not Included
7212 accountant Georgios Papakostopoulos Tax Accountant DFK Global Accounting Solutions SA Not Included
7213 accountant Elena Papantoniou Senior Accountant Credicom Consumer Finance Bank S.A Not Included
7215 accountant Apostolos Papaspyrou Accountant Harokopio University of Athens Not Included
7216 accountant Vaso Pappa Associated Certified Public Accountant SOL S.A. Not Included
7217 accountant Androniki Parthenopoulou Accountant Accounting Office Not Included
7218 accountant Agathi Paschali Junior Accountant Olympus Dairy Industry S.A. Not Included
7219 accountant Silia Pasiou Certified Public Accountant ministry of labour Not Included
7220 accountant Giorgos Paterakis Assistant Accountant ETANAP SA Not Included
7221 accountant Katerina Pazartzi Assistant Accountant Chemicron Not Included
7222 accountant Katerina Petrou Accountant Digibooks4all Not Included
7223 accountant Ioannis Pipidis Accountant Siemens AE Not Included
7224 accountant Babbis Pischos Assistant Accountant MB AE Not Included
7225 accountant Katerina Pittarokoili Assistant Accountant Euraccredit Hellas SA Not Included
7226 accountant Dimitrios Plastaras Member, Certified Public Accountant Auditor METRON AUDITING SA Not Included
7228 accountant Ioannis Politis Senior Accountant SSH Maritime Not Included
7229 accountant Athanasios Polydoros Economist - Accountant - Consultant Anavathmisi SA Not Included
7230 accountant Venetia Portolou Accountant KPMG Not Included
7231 accountant Stella Prevezanou CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT SOL AEOE Not Included
7232 accountant Manolis Prevezianos Accountant TECHNAVA S.A. Not Included
7233 accountant Evangelos Proutzos Accountant TRASTOR REIC Not Included
7234 accountant Thanasis Psathakis Chief Accountant Euroenergy Hellas SA - a member of Libra Group Not Included
7235 accountant Voula Psomoglou Chief Accountant KYLA SHIPPING ENTERPRISES CORP. Not Included
7236 accountant Athanasios Ragias Financial Analyst/Accountant DIMAND SA Not Included
7237 accountant Ioannis Rakintzakis Senior Accountant Dorian LPG Not Included
7238 accountant Elena Rapti Accountant Research Centre of the Athens University of Economics and Business (RC/AUEB) Not Included
7239 accountant Sofia Riga Senior Accountant Accenture Not Included
7240 accountant Panagiotis Rigas Assistant Accountant Grant Thornton Greece Not Included
7241 accountant Lida Roidi Jr. Accountant ELEGANT SA Not Included
7242 accountant Ioannis Romanos Assistant Accountant S/M KRITIKOS Not Included
7243 accountant Katerina Rouka Accountant GlaxoSmithKline ?.?.?.?. Not Included
7244 accountant Ioanna Roulia Accountant ACCOUNTING OFFICE PINAKOULAS Not Included
7245 accountant Katerina Roumelioti Accountant attica, the department store Not Included
7246 accountant Irene Salikopoulou Accountant ATLANTA S.A. Not Included
7247 accountant Evangelos Salougiotis Senior Accountant Loumidis Coffee Shops Not Included
7248 accountant Nikolaos Samaras Assistant Accountant Grant Thornton Greece Not Included
7249 accountant Thenia Sarantoglou Accountant Lysys SA Not Included
7250 accountant Barbara Savvidi Certified Public Accountant DFK PD AUDIT Not Included
7251 accountant Panagiota Sdralia Certified Public Accountant SOL AEOE Not Included
7252 accountant Dimitra Seretidou Financial Accountant Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki Not Included
7253 accountant Dimitris Simigiannis Chief Accountant. Meeting Point Hellas Not Included
7254 accountant Michalis Siragopoulos CERTIFIED AUDIT ACCOUNTANT SOL Not Included
7256 accountant Panagiotis Soukos Accountant Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. Not Included
7257 accountant George Sourmelis Senior Accountant Interactive Ltd (Management consultants) Not Included
7258 accountant Stelios Spanos CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT Crowe Horwath LLP Not Included
7259 accountant Panagiotis Spyroulias Assistant Accountant Aegean Tugs Consortium Salvage & Towage Not Included
7260 accountant Ioanna Stamati Accountant Talentia Software Not Included
7261 accountant Agamemnon Stavropoulos Tax advisor - Accountant New Accounts S.A. Not Included
7262 accountant Kostas Stergiou Chief Accountant & Tax Manager Huawei Technologies S.A. Not Included
7263 accountant Stefanos Stromatas Senior Accountant Dynagas LNG Partners LP Not Included
7265 accountant Tina Taki Accountant The Libra Group Not Included
7268 accountant Vasiliki Tasiopoulou Accountant KPMG Greece Not Included
7269 accountant Georgios Tassopoulos Staff Accountant Selonda Not Included
7270 accountant Evangelos Tegos Accountant CORINTH PIPEWORKS Not Included
7271 accountant Eugenia Thanasia Accountant Fenchurch Faris Ltd. Not Included
7272 accountant Aristeidis Thanokostas Account Manager EFARMOGI-LP P.C. Not Included
7273 accountant Haris Theodoridis Accountant Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Not Included
7274 accountant Tasos Theodoridis Accountant EPA THESSALONIKI THESSALIA S.A. (THESSALONIKI - THESSALY GAS SUPPLY COMPANY) Not Included
7276 accountant John Tripolitsiotis Accountant Ocean Rig Not Included
7277 accountant Charalampos Tsamilis Senior Accountant Mazars Not Included
7278 accountant Elena Tsarouchi Accountant Inter ikea consultancy services greece SA Not Included
7279 accountant Vikentios Tsartsis Certified Public Accountant SOL s.a. member of Crowe Horwath International Not Included
7280 accountant George Tselios Finance Analyst-Accountant Information Society SA Not Included
7284 accountant George Tsirigotakis Assistant Accountant LAMDA HELLIX Not Included
7285 accountant Nota Tsoka Accountant IAS Consulting Ltd Not Included
7286 accountant Christina Tsoufantari Accountant WURTH HELLAS SA Not Included
7287 accountant Panagiotis Tsougkrianis Accountant Intertranslations Ltd Not Included
7288 accountant Tonia Tsoukala Assistant Accountant Nakakis Georgios Not Included
7289 accountant Dimitris Tzampazis Chief Accountant N.KARAGIORGOS BROS S.A. Not Included
7290 accountant Alexandra Tzana assistant accountant Rafin Shipmanagement SA Not Included
7291 accountant Nikoletta Tzavara Accountant Dorian LPG Not Included
7292 accountant Pelopas Tzortzatos Accountant accounting office Not Included
7293 accountant Christina Vaitsi Senior Accountant KPMG Greece Not Included
7294 accountant Nick Valmas Group Chief Accountant GEK Terna Group of Companies Not Included
7295 accountant Athina Varvagianni Assistant Accountant Accounting Office Not Included
7296 accountant Kalli Vasalou Consolidation Accountant Intralot Not Included
7297 accountant Theodoros Vasiliadis Accountant THESSALONIKI WATER SUPPLY & SEWERAGE CO. S.A. - EYATH S.A. Not Included
7298 accountant Eleni Vasilogamvrou Accountant ITWAY Hellas S.A. Not Included
7299 accountant Constantinos Vassiliou Accountant Forologistikes Luseis Ltd. Not Included
7300 accountant Sofia Venetikidi Assistant Accountant EUROAGRO SA Not Included
7301 accountant Iraklis Ventouras Accountant & Payroll Executive Dimitris Fraskos GP Not Included
7302 accountant Fotini Veskouki Accountant The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Not Included
7303 accountant Ilias Virras CHIEF ACCOUNTANT UNIBROS Not Included
7304 accountant Katerina Vlachogianni General Accountant Ocean Rig Not Included
7305 accountant Christos Vlachos CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT PKF International Limited Not Included
7306 accountant Paraskevi Vlachou Accountant Revival Consulting Services S.A. Not Included
7307 accountant Aggeliki Vlastarakou ACCOUNTANT PERIKLIS VASILOPOULOS BROS. SA Not Included
7309 accountant John Vozikis Senior Accountant ATTIKO THERAPEUTIRIO AE Not Included
7310 accountant Stavros Xagas Group Chief Accountant DFK Global Accounting Solutions SA Not Included
7312 accountant Eirini Xirakia Accountant & Business Consultant enTaxis Not Included
7313 accountant Ioannis Zakkas Accountant THENAMARIS Not Included
7314 accountant Nikolaos Zaras Certified Public Accountant BDO Certified Public Accountants SA (BDO Greece) Not Included