Sample Data Set

Keywords: Chemist, Lab, CEO

Total Result Found: 1253

Industry: Cosmetics

Country: France

ID. Keyword First Name Last Name Designation Company Location Source
3001 ceo Jean Barthomeuf President & CEO Laboratoires Schwartz Not Included
3002 ceo Pascale Baudin De Saint Quentin Cosmetic Designer Paris Cosmetic Not Included
3003 ceo Shirley Billot CEO SHB S.A.S Not Included
3004 ceo L'Or Bio OWNER/CEO L'Or Bio Not Included
3005 ceo Marc Bonnevay Managing Director CEO Laboratoires BIOSCREEN Not Included
3006 ceo Beauty Box CEO Beautybox Not Included
3007 ceo Fidji Briand CEO ODYCEA SAS Not Included
3008 lab Stephane Bureau Directeur techno LAB Innovation Produit CHANEL Not Included
3009 ceo Christian Courtin CEO ClarinsGroup Not Included
3010 lab Hervé David Lab manager L'Oréal Not Included
3011 ceo Michel Diplacido president fondateur/CEO and founder Laboratoires Mediecos International Not Included
3012 ceo Helene D'Udekem ceo glb ltd Not Included
3013 ceo Cosnat Essence Of Nature Founder & CEO Cosnat Essence Of Nature Not Included
3014 ceo Anne Ferrand Founder & CEO Not Included
3015 ceo Bertrand Frohly CEO | Unlock growth potential for FMCG brands in international markets FMCG Not Included
3016 ceo David Frossard CEO Liquides Imaginaires Not Included
3017 ceo Safra Huose Of Safra FOUNDER AND CEO House Of Safra And Last Call Not Included
3018 ceo Bernard Laille CEO Laboratoires Onagrine Not Included
3019 ceo Celine Lerus CEO BOMOÏ Not Included
3020 ceo Ketleen Louis Jean CEO Curly Vanity Not Included
3021 lab Reine Raïssa Note Head of The Systemic Biology Lab and Upstream Safety Evaluation Platform L'Oréal Not Included
3022 ceo Bris Rocher Owner & CEO Groupe Rocher Not Included
3023 ceo Antoine Rouvroy Founder & CEO O'Barbershop Not Included
3024 ceo Raphaël Yousri CEO. Président du Directoire ALES GROUPE - LIERAC - PHYTO - CARON Not Included
3025 ceo Niatti Parfums CEO Niatti Not Included
3026 chemist Sophie Billet Development chemist LF Beauty (UK) Ltd Mulhouse, Alsace Not Included
3027 ceo Clement Neyrial CEO CN INDUSTRIE Brioude, Auvergne Not Included
3028 lab Lucie Tournier Couturier Biotech Lab Manager (Research&Innovation, L'Oréal) L'Oréal Aulnay-sous-Bois, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3029 ceo Grace Zola CEO Neema Beauty Nonville, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3030 ceo Gabriel Cicion Chief Executive Officer Revlon Paris 01, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3031 ceo Tombhot Obertan CEO & FOUNDER OMYBUMP PARIS Paris 01, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3032 ceo Davy Dian CEO L'Atelier du Sourcil Paris 02, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3033 ceo Ghassen Mami CEO ZENITH PARFUMS PARIS Paris 02, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3034 ceo David Suissa CEO and founder Scentys Paris 02, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3035 ceo Anne De Alexandris CEO and founder Parfums Emois Paris 07, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3036 ceo Maxime Garcia Janin Fondateur foufou & CEO Sillages Paris Paris 08, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3037 ceo Malik Kaiel CEO Kaiel Not Included
3038 ceo Gabrielle Levasseur Founder and CEO The Beauty Partners Paris 08, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3039 ceo Laurent Sebbane CEO Marlay cosmetics Paris 08, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3040 ceo Sofiane Djadri CEO CHARME D'ORIENT Paris 11, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3041 ceo Ralph Haman Co-Founder / CEO Zakia's Morocco Paris 12, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3042 ceo Sophie Bellier CEO So Ham Paris 13, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3043 ceo Tinnyse Johnson Chief Executive Director IPC Paris 13, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3044 ceo Elias Ckd CEO THA FRENCH GROUP Paris 16, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3045 ceo Michel Meulin CEO COSMED Paris 16, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3046 lab Estelle Prud'Homme R&I development manager - lipstick lab L'Oréal Paris 18, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3047 ceo Yvan Martinez CEO Hydro perfect Paris Paris 20, ÃŽle-de-France Not Included
3048 ceo Julie Bertille Landry CEO & Co-Fondateur Koncustador Koncustador Not Included
3049 ceo Agnès Ducrocq Founder-CEO of Laboratoires Téane SAS LABORATOIRES TEANE Orléans, Centre-Val de Loire Not Included
3050 ceo Christine Gaudex Attachée de Direction auprès du CEO / Clarins GROUP Clarins Group Athis-Mons, Île-de-France Not Included
3051 lab Frédéric Amaral Head of lab : In vitro cellular assays - Responsable de laboratoire Tests Cellulaires L'Oréal Aulnay-sous-Bois, Île-de-France Not Included
3052 lab Severine Jeulin Head of High Throughput Experimentation Lab L'Oréal Aulnay-sous-Bois, Île-de-France Not Included
3053 lab Delphine Charrier Hair Color Development Lab - Brand Director (L'Oréal Paris) L'Oréal Boulogne-Billancourt, Île-de-France Not Included
3054 chemist Laurent Delphine Reserch & innovation Chemist L'Oréal Chevilly-Larue, Île-de-France Not Included
3055 ceo Rémi Schlegel CEO KOKWAÏ Fontainebleau, Île-de-France Not Included
3057 ceo Manuella Djadji Chief Executive Officer AMOUYE INVESTMENTS GROUP sas Médan, Île-de-France Not Included
3058 ceo Denis Guinard Group CEO COPAC Mériel, Île-de-France Not Included
3059 ceo Nicolas Hieronimus President Selective Divisions L'Oréal Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France Not Included
3060 ceo Alban Behagle Vice-President Sentéales Not Included
3061 ceo Vertus Perfume CEO Vertus Cosmetics Inc. Not Included
3062 ceo Clémentine Marchet Bras droit CEO Alaena Cosmetiques Paris 02, Île-de-France Not Included
3063 ceo Rémy Gomez CEO BPI Paris 03, Île-de-France Not Included
3064 ceo Kendy Bourguignon Sencée CEO Antonin .B, Eco-chic haircare Paris 05, Île-de-France Not Included
3065 ceo Ranga Brossais Doliger CEO MH PARIS Paris 08, Île-de-France Not Included
3066 ceo Prouteau Didier CEO Maison Ferrié Paris Paris 08, Île-de-France Not Included
3067 ceo Tevaite Rota CEO et Make-up Artist Tahiti Make-Up Paris 09, Île-de-France Not Included
3068 lab Annabelle Szwed Fondatrice de Matière Brute Lab Matière Brute Lab Paris 09, Île-de-France Not Included
3069 ceo Laurent Aidan CEO Distr'Innov Paris 10, Île-de-France Not Included
3070 ceo André Ducar Chief Executive Officer LaSensa Paris 16, Île-de-France Not Included
3072 ceo Laetitia Malavoy Fondatrice CEO Jolis Mômes Paris 17, Île-de-France Not Included
3074 lab Hai Yen Nguyen IC Lab - Intern as Lab Technician Coty Versailles, Île-de-France Not Included
3075 lab Anaïs P R&D Lab Manager (Expertise center: Skincare, Haircare, Aerosol) Fareva Not Included
3076 lab Ignace Filorizzo Transition Mibelle - QA SPOC pour la production et le planning - Batch Automation Making - Lean Lab Mibelle Group Sarreguemines, Lorraine Not Included
3077 ceo Marine Bouvier CEO LADYMAKEUP Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées Not Included
3078 ceo Angélique Duprat Founder and CEO from Korean Smooch! - Korean Cosmetics Korean Smooch (ex peaux d'anges) Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées Not Included
3079 ceo Raphaël Soulié Directeur / CEO & Founder Léon Panckoucke Lambersart, Nord-Pas-de-Calais Not Included
3080 ceo Stephane Jambois Directeur Général / CEO FOURNIVAL ALTESSE SAS Ansacq, Picardy Not Included
3081 ceo Dany Laroque CEO DLG World Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3082 ceo Frederic Dubois Signorini CEO - PRESIDENT ITSTYLE MAKE UP Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3083 chemist Alexandra Picciau Cosmetic Chemist intern Elixir De Beaute Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3084 ceo Déborrha Guillouf CEO MySpa Eyguières, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3085 ceo Julie Grosjean CEO and export manager LAC BIOSSENTIEL Graveson, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3086 lab Valérie Cenizo Skin Biology Lab Manager L'Occitane en Provence Manosque, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3087 ceo Yajun Cheng CEO PARABEBE SAS Marseille 12, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3088 ceo Airaghi Christian CEO Institut Technique de Recherches Cosmétiques Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3089 ceo Classy Fairy Social Media Manager Classyfairy Not Included
3090 ceo Frederic Stocklouser Chief Executive Officer La Bastide Des Aromes Peymeinade, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3091 ceo Marco Fabien CEO and owner Dermaclay Eumadis Not Included
3092 ceo Vincent Villard CEO VILGAS Toulon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Not Included
3093 ceo Rafik Akbaraly CEO Sharmel France Chabeuil, Rh?´ne-Alpes Not Included
3094 chemist Laura Mesmin R&D Chemist - Fragrance Luxury Coty Inc. Annecy, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3095 ceo Yannick Vermorel CEO French Cosmetic Workshop Lyon 03, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3096 ceo Jean Yves Vellino Co CEO NATUXE SAS Rocher, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3097 chemist Marie Odile Robert Alfieri Principal chemist R&D Luxury fragrances Coty Saint-Genis-Pouilly, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3098 ceo Anne Charpentier CEO SKINOBS In human Efficacy Testing Platform Le Bourget-du-Lac, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3099 ceo François Honoré CEO Camelia Beauty Lyon 01, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3100 ceo Joanna Darmanin CEO/Fondatrice FINALLYNESS Lyon 06, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3101 lab Ade Nadège Lab manager L'Oréal Lyon 07, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3102 ceo Frédéric Araujo Chief Executive Officer BIOEVEN Lyon 08, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3103 ceo Stéphane Perrollier CEO QUALIFORM Oyonnax, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3104 ceo Marie Christine Dos Santos Founder, CEO. COROEBOS, Le sport dans la peau! Saint-Étienne, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3105 ceo Gauthier Sauron CEO COSMOLIFT Saint-Étienne, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3106 lab Claire Pelé Lab manager, Sanoflore pole leader Laboratoire Sanoflore SA Valence, Rhône-Alpes Not Included
3107 ceo Michel Butin Shareholder & CEO ALBHADES PROVENCE Aix-En-Provence Area Not Included
3108 ceo Girardin Pascal CEO SAS L'AVEC Aix-En-Provence Area Not Included
3109 ceo Denis Vogade Ceo Lothantique Aix-En-Provence Area Not Included
3110 ceo Chris Fouilleron C.E.O Solyvia Ajaccio Area Not Included
3111 ceo Patrick Paquet CEO Corsica Essences Ajaccio Area Not Included
3112 ceo Pauline Chan Fabries CEO & co-founder Laboratoire de Dermo-Cosmetique Animale (LDCA) Albi Area Not Included
3113 ceo Eric Ducournau President, Chief Executive Officer Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Albi Area Not Included
3114 ceo Laurent Fleutry CEO Vexgextra Angers Area Not Included
3115 ceo Jean Marc Dubois CEO - Fondateur Laboratoires de Biarritz Aquitaine Not Included
3116 ceo Julia Messi?? CEO / Founder Ylia.Lab Aquitaine Not Included
3117 lab Sophie Guilbaud Lab Manager / innovation pole leader Laboratoire Sanoflore SA / groupe L'Oréal Avignon Area Not Included
3118 ceo Patrice Blin Founder and CEO CARE ACTIV Ingredients SAS Bordeaux Area Not Included
3119 ceo Delphine Dentraygues CEO chez InstantaNez ~ parfumeur independant ~ ateliers olfactifs oenologiques InstantaNez Bordeaux Area Not Included
3120 ceo Christophe Maupaté CEO BellaVista Europe Bordeaux Area Not Included
3121 lab Frédéric Nunzi IDEA Lab Manager, an IDEA TESTS Group subsidiary IDEA TESTS Group Bordeaux Area Not Included
3122 ceo Nadine Pagnotta CEO Horizzon Innovations Techonologies Bordeaux Area Not Included
3123 ceo Alexandre Batardiere CEO FARCODERM France Brest Area Not Included
3124 ceo Floriane Chatron Owner (Founder and CEO) Aquaflorès Not Included
3125 ceo Frederique Lafosse Head of Active Cosmetic Ingredients Givaudan Dijon Area Not Included
3126 ceo Antoine Fagot CEO / Directeur Général PHILÉMON 1889 Grenoble Area Not Included
3127 lab Antoine Hue Lab Manager Laboratoire KARANDJA Grenoble Area Not Included
3128 ceo Alfonsi Michel CEO laboratoire Energy Smile La Rochelle Area Not Included
3129 ceo Mohamed Zahhar CEO & Founder HAYASEÏ - fast acting beauty for metropolitan and travelers La Rochelle Area Not Included
3130 ceo Julien Lesage CEO - Founder G.M.R. Green Molecular Response Le Havre Area Not Included
3131 ceo Jérôme Cartière Khoury Président / Chairman & CEO L'OLIVE Lille Area Not Included
3132 ceo Thomas Loridan CEO SAS FLORACOS Lille Area Not Included
3133 ceo Peng Liu Founder, CEO & Chief Photographer i-FOTO Studio Lorient Area Not Included
3134 chemist Sarah Vioules Chemist McBride Lorient Area Not Included
3135 lab Aude Balligand Cosmetic Application Lab Manager Shin-Etsu Silicones Europe B.V. Lyon Area Not Included
3136 ceo Eric Bouvier CEO and Board Director Strand Cosmetics Europe - Associate and co-founder MS swiss cosmetics MS Swiss Cosmetics Lyon Area Not Included
3137 ceo Yariv Elfassy CEO Raphael Cosmetic Consulting Lyon Area Not Included
3138 chemist Julie Humbert Chef de Projet R&D / Senior Chemist Alpol Cosmetics Lyon Area Not Included
3139 ceo Pascal Piveteau CEO 2PA INTERNATIONAL Lyon Area Not Included
3140 ceo Bruno Schafter CEO FRANCE OEM COSMETIC Lyon Area Not Included
3141 ceo Laurent Vasseur Owner / CEO Vasseur Cosmetic Not Included
3142 ceo Peter Wijnand Member of the Chamber of Trade and Industry from Saône & Loire Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Lyon Area Not Included
3143 ceo Bernard B Gaude CEO senior associate Advacos Marseille Area Not Included
3144 ceo Laurent Baussan Gerant / CEO Organic - Bio Cosmetic OLIV' & LaFare1789 en Provence Marseille Area Not Included
3145 ceo Sebastien Beguin CEO Les Essentiels SARL Marseille Area Not Included
3146 ceo Line Burger CEO Chef d'entreprise TERRE D'ARGENS Marseille Area Not Included
3147 ceo Philippe Burger CEO CEO & Founder IMPC Marseille Area Not Included
3148 ceo Saidi Chaffik ceo argancia bio cosmetic Marseille Area Not Included
3149 ceo Jean Marc Delabre CEO, Founder at Vegetalement Provence Universal Beauty Group Marseille Area Not Included
3150 ceo Julie Ducret Fondatrice et dirigeante / CEO Pulpe de Vie Marseille Area Not Included
3151 ceo Linda Godoy CEO FRENCH PROVENCAL BEAUTY Marseille Area Not Included
3152 ceo Jean Claude Hubaud Président CEO Helioscience Marseille Area Not Included
3153 ceo Jérôme Lambruschini Founder & CEO Panier des Sens en Provence Marseille Area Not Included
3154 ceo David Malfray CEO agape development Marseille Area Not Included
3155 ceo Jon Phillips Co-Founder CEO Canna Biology Distributing Marseille Area Not Included
3156 ceo Pierre Tachon CEO Pharmacie du Pont Marseille Area Not Included
3157 ceo Rose Angèle Faye CEO Fayerose Cosmétiques Et Parfums Not Included
3158 ceo Valérie D'Andre Présidente- CEO Héloïse de V. Montpellier Area Not Included
3159 ceo Pierre Nuttin CEO & FOUNDER Cosnutics Montpellier Area Not Included
3161 ceo Christophe Pasiak CEO La Maison du Savon de Marseille Nîmes Area Not Included
3162 ceo Thierry Degeorges Co-gérant Coskap Not Included
3163 ceo Myriam Gambino CEO Diouda Nantes Area Not Included
3164 ceo Christophe J Bianchi CEO FEELIGREEN Nice Area Not Included
3165 ceo Tony Aad CEO Marcus Spurway Nice Area Not Included
3166 ceo Candice Colin General Manager OFFICINEA Nice Area Not Included
3167 ceo Frédéric De Los Rios CEO CONCEPT AROMATIQUE Nice Area Not Included
3168 ceo Christian Demares CEO Biophytologie Nice Area Not Included
3169 ceo Sarah Naggar CEO BE UP Different Makeup Italia Nice Area Not Included
3170 lab Xavier Ormancey Lab Director CHANEL Nice Area Not Included
3171 ceo Raphaël Tattegrain Founder & C.E.O. Raphaël&Co Not Included
3172 ceo Flora Vergnolle CEO Provence Cosmetics Nice Area Not Included
3174 ceo Jean Luc Ansel CEO, Founder - Directeur Général, membre fondateur Cosmetic Valley Orléans Area Not Included
3175 ceo Stéphane Foisy President UNEA - Union Nationale des Entreprises Adaptées Orléans Area Not Included
3176 ceo Jérôme B Dubarry CEO FRANCE BEAUTÉ INTERNATIONAL Paris Area Not Included
3177 ceo Jean Fran??ois Cabos CEO SEPHAR Paris Area Not Included
3178 ceo Yussuf Frédéric Agbo CEO Aliyah Distribution Paris Area Not Included
3179 ceo Hafsatou Marième Ly CEO Doobaline Paris Area Not Included
3180 ceo Simon Menard Ceo Deputy CEO Gellé Frères Www.Gelle-Freres.Fr Not Included
3181 ceo Francois Xavier Laude CEO EOLYS beauté Paris Area Not Included
3182 ceo Sofiane Abdennebi CEO & FOUNDER SEPIADERM LAB Paris Area Not Included
3183 ceo Stéphane Abouaf International CEO - Directeur Général International Ella Baché (groupe Thalgo) Paris Area Not Included
3185 ceo Jean Paul Agon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3187 ceo Sabrina Alezra Executive PA to the CEO Coty Paris Area Not Included
3188 ceo Philippe Allouche CEO DISTRIBIO USA Paris Area Not Included
3189 ceo Lionel Altche c.e.o. Christian Lacroix Kids Fashion Paris Area Not Included
3190 ceo Khalifa Althani CEO LUNIQUE Sarl Paris Area Not Included
3191 ceo Ludovic Anceau CEO BIOPLAN BEAUTY (ILEOS GROUP) Paris Area Not Included
3192 ceo Kirsten Ankerso President ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS LIMITED Paris Area Not Included
3193 ceo Mathieu Antos CEO Bioxidea Paris Area Not Included
3194 lab Stéphane Arditty Head of development lab (Lips for Luxury division) L'Oreal Paris Area Not Included
3195 ceo Elizabeth Armenta Tremosa CEO and Co-founder mi-in Paris Paris Area Not Included
3196 ceo Didier Arthaud Founder & CEO 66°30 Paris Area Not Included
3197 ceo Victoire Arzouni CEO associée PATCHNESS Paris Area Not Included
3198 ceo Marion Assuied CEO BY TERRY Paris Area Not Included
3199 ceo Johanna Astrie CEO Blue Gecko Studio St. Barth Paris Area Not Included
3200 ceo Pimau At CEO SA Paris Area Not Included
3201 ceo Benoit Aubry ceo Mediatic labs Paris Area Not Included
3202 ceo Amandine Azencott Co-Founder / CEO CODAGE Paris Area Not Included
3203 ceo Daniel Azoulay CEO AGENCE KAPTURE Paris Area Not Included
3204 ceo Laurence Bacilieri Ceo Cosmetic Ressources Paris Area Not Included
3205 chemist Anne Sophie Bally Industrial Chemist L'Occitane en Provence Paris Area Not Included
3206 ceo Charles Edouard Barthes Chairman & CEO EviDenS de Beauté Paris Area Not Included
3207 ceo Nina Basri CEO / Fondatrice One by HBC Paris Area Not Included
3208 ceo Youssef Bedioui CEO New Flag France Paris Area Not Included
3209 ceo Annie Begnaud Founder ab agency / the Sampling & Customer Experience Lab Paris Area Not Included
3210 ceo Mi Ryung Beilvert Founder / CEO Qiriness Paris Area Not Included
3211 ceo Mehdi Benayad FOUNDER & CEO La Maison Parfums Paris Area Not Included
3212 ceo Yetunde Beutler CEO Essenci Paris Area Not Included
3213 ceo Bigeard Bianca Founder, CEO Paris Beauty Week Paris Area Not Included
3214 ceo Olivier Bianchi PA to CEO Ales groupe Paris Area Not Included
3215 ceo Sophie Blin CEO - Cofounder BLOOMUP Paris Area Not Included
3216 ceo Pierre Bordier Chief Executive Officer Alès Groupe Industrie Paris Area Not Included
3217 ceo Gonzague Boscher CEO Assistant (Amundi Distributors USA) Amundi Paris Area Not Included
3218 ceo Maxime Bouillard CEO Make-Up Atelier Paris Paris Area Not Included
3219 ceo Eric Bouilleau CEO Eric B. Worldwide Not Included
3220 ceo Andre Bouvier CEO Yves Rocher Russia Paris Area Not Included
3221 ceo Thierry Bruwaene General Manager France-Spain-Portugal Crabtree and Evelyn London Paris Area Not Included
3222 ceo Patrict Bugault ceo floxia international Paris Area Not Included
3223 ceo Gregoire Cabri Wiltzer CEO REVLON Paris Area Not Included
3224 chemist Anne Catherine Senior Chemist L'Oreal Paris Area Not Included
3225 ceo Pankaj Chandarana Founder & CEO JAY sas Paris Area Not Included
3226 lab Ribaud Christèle responsable de laboratoire L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3227 ceo Chalmin Christian Founder, CEO at Backstage Agency Backstage Agency Paris Area Not Included
3228 ceo Christophe Clavé CEO Kalina International Paris Area Not Included
3229 ceo Alexandre Colin CEO MyCosmetik Paris Area Not Included
3230 ceo Séverine Compain CEO and Co-founder People Onboard Paris Area Not Included
3231 ceo Samir Constantini Dirigeant fondateur Alepia - Savon D'Alep Et Cosmétiques Naturels Not Included
3232 ceo Nicolas Cordier Global President & CEO MAKE UP FOR EVER Paris Area Not Included
3233 ceo Magalie Cornet President & CEO Assistant Albéa Group Paris Area Not Included
3235 ceo Edwige Crete Co-founder - CEO Point Soleil Saint Cloud Paris Area Not Included
3236 ceo Alexandra Cubizolles CEO Une Nuit à Bali Paris Area Not Included
3238 ceo Elysée Dadoue Group CEO CBU GROUP - Consulting Business Units Paris Area Not Included
3239 ceo Patrice Dana CEO Cosmetic Creative Studio - Le Studio des Parfums Paris Area Not Included
3240 chemist Caroline Daniel Senior make up development chemist L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3241 ceo Yann De Feraudy Deputy CEO Operations and IT Groupe Rocher Paris Area Not Included
3242 ceo Elisabeth De Feydeau Chief Executive Officer Arty Fragrance Paris Area Not Included
3243 ceo Agnès De La Croix Founder & CEO HAN NARI Paris Area Not Included
3244 ceo Antoine De Pracomtal Président / Ceo Extend Fragrances / Zylangia Paris Area Not Included
3245 ceo Philippe Demange CHAIRMAN CEO DEXI INTERNATIONAL Paris Area Not Included
3246 ceo Louis Desazars president and CEO BEAUTE PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL, Shiseido Europe Paris Area Not Included
3247 ceo Astrid Desmons Bock CEO- Naos China, Laboratoire Bioderma, Institut Esthederm Naos Paris Area Not Included
3248 ceo Marie Laure Desorme CEO Yoobo Paris Area Not Included
3249 ceo Soda Diop CEO www.soins Paris Area Not Included
3250 ceo Charlotte Dubois CEO COSMO ACADEMY - CA Beauty Paris Area Not Included
3251 ceo Philippe Duchossois CEO Spain Groupe Rocher Paris Area Not Included
3252 ceo Christophe Dulong CEO Orléans Cosmetics Paris Area Not Included
3253 ceo Aurore Durand CEO Home Beauty Paris Area Not Included
3254 ceo Jocelyne Duval Président / CEO APONIE Paris Area Not Included
3255 ceo Nathalie Duvoisin Deputy CEO Manifesto a member of Superga Group Paris Area Not Included
3256 lab Géraldine Fack Hair Care Development Lab - Brand Director (Professionnal & Luxury products) L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3257 lab Laure Fageon Mas Suncare development lab manager - CPD and LPD brands L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3258 ceo Samuel Fillon Founder, CEO Sommelier du Parfum Paris Area Not Included
3259 ceo Guy Flament Member of the Board Sabon Paris Area Not Included
3260 ceo Thibaut Fougeras De Lavergnolle CEO France Lab Paris Area Not Included
3261 ceo Antoine Fournier President & Founder CEO CosmAct, S.A.S. Paris Area Not Included
3262 ceo Maxence Fournier Executive Assistant to CEO Groupe Rocher Paris Area Not Included
3263 ceo Carole Fousse Fondateur & CEO Laboratoires d'Anjou Paris Area Not Included
3264 ceo Juan Franco STANHOME INTERNATIONAL CEO Groupe Rocher Paris Area Not Included
3265 ceo Fahim Gadit Managing Director & CEO Huamza Beaute Paris Area Not Included
3266 ceo Victor Gambirasio CEO VAG & Distribution Paris Area Not Included
3267 ceo Pedro Garcia Maggi Président Fondateur, Founder CEO Skeen Paris Area Not Included
3268 lab Maryline Gasthuys Lab manager L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3269 ceo Satyavan Geisweiller CEO APANACHE Paris Area Not Included
3270 ceo Eric Goguey CEO 24 sèvres Paris Area Not Included
3271 ceo Jean Pierre Guay CEO PARADOXAL INC Paris Area Not Included
3272 ceo Liza Guenoun Maquilleuse - CEO Art & Make-up Paris Area Not Included
3273 ceo Pascal Guesdon CEO & FOUNDER KOKWAÏ - Paris Paris Area Not Included
3274 ceo Hajir H CEO Laboratoires Dermeden Paris Not Included
3275 ceo Compper Helena Présidente, CEO LACURE OFFICINE Paris Area Not Included
3276 ceo Julia Hristova CEO Illumina Cosmetics Paris Area Not Included
3277 ceo Aurore Humez Leray Founder, CEO L'Armoire à Beauté Paris Area Not Included
3278 lab Olivia Isard R&D Lab Manager L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3280 ceo Roland Jais Nielsen Founder & CEO Merci Handy Paris Area Not Included
3281 chemist Sebastian Jaques Chemist L'Oreal Paris Area Not Included
3282 ceo Lebrat Jean Lou CEO manucurist Paris Area Not Included
3283 ceo Judith K CEO Fullhairextension/Fullhairprothèses Fullhairextension Not Included
3284 ceo Yusef Kaddouri Collado CEO Nhuara Baret Paris Paris Area Not Included
3285 ceo Hend Kammoun CEO Natyvis Cosmetics Paris Area Not Included
3286 ceo Olivia Keusters Founder & CEO LE NAIL TRUCK Paris Area Not Included
3287 ceo Kim Ly Kong Founder & CEO Smartxpansion Paris Area Not Included
3288 ceo Thierry Kuntz CEO & FOUNDER ataWay-management Paris Area Not Included
3289 lab Lara Lasisz Innovation Lab Manager SEPHORA Paris Area Not Included
3290 chemist Claire Laurent Fragrance Analytical Chemist Sensient Technologies Corporation Paris Area Not Included
3291 lab Corinne Laurent Responsable Color Lab L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3292 lab Camille Le Texier Cosmetic chemist - Skin care innovation lab CHANEL Paris Area Not Included
3293 ceo Thierry Lebizay CEO les laboratoires Arcana Paris Area Not Included
3294 ceo Francis Lelong CEO DIGITAL NATIVES EDITION Paris Area Not Included
3295 ceo Julia Lemigova CEO and Founder of Russie Blanche RUSSIE BLANCHE Paris Area Not Included
3296 ceo Mathilde Leprince Hendrickx Export Manager & CEO Personal Asistant Stanhome Paris Area Not Included
3297 ceo Juliette Levy Founder & CEO Oh My Cream ! Paris Area Not Included
3298 chemist Paola Littaye chemist L'Oreal Paris Area Not Included
3299 ceo Aude Livoreil Djampou Founder, CEO Studio ANA'E Paris Area Not Included
3300 ceo Clara Lizier Co-Fondatrice / CEO Beautigloo Paris Area Not Included
3301 ceo Thierry Lothmann CEO Founder Www.Lothmann.Com Not Included
3302 ceo Carol Ann Lovera CEO - Cofounder BLOOMUP Paris Area Not Included
3303 lab Christian Lubrano Phytochemistry lab manager yves rocher Paris Area Not Included
3304 ceo Laurent Malaveille CEO - Clarins Group Switzerland Clarins Group Paris Area Not Included
3305 ceo Hervé Mathieu CEO Fragrance Forward Paris Area Not Included
3308 lab Florence Ménard Szczebara Lab Manager in Microbiology & Expert L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3309 ceo Khatir Menouer CEO - Directeur des opérations Class Drive Paris Area Not Included
3310 ceo Cédric Merino Riocher Founder - CEO Synopsis Paris Paris Area Not Included
3311 lab Audrey Moncuit Lab chemist, La Roche Posay skin care development L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3312 ceo Laurent Moos CEO Flacopharm Inc. Paris Area Not Included
3313 ceo Lourdy Morland PDG CEO FEMME ET FABULEUSE Paris Area Not Included
3314 lab Sabrina Muller Product Development Manager - Hair Color Lab L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3315 ceo Aglaé Nicolas CEO L'Atelier de Mademoiselle Paris Area Not Included
3316 ceo Yvana Nourmamod Founder and CEO YVA Océan Indien Paris Area Not Included
3317 ceo Pascale Oger PRESIDENTE SAS HISTORIAE SECRETS Paris Area Not Included
3318 ceo Emmanuel Olivier Owner and CEO Shigeta Not Included
3319 ceo Odile Olleris Founder & CEO PREMIUM EXPORT CONSULTING Paris Area Not Included
3320 ceo Benjamin Oranusi CEO New world beauty Paris Area Not Included
3321 ceo Alexandre Orsoni Ceo Bio cosmetic french firm Paris Area Not Included
3322 ceo Stéphane Ouaknine CEO La Société Parisienne de Savons Paris Area Not Included
3323 ceo Nathalie Paillarse CEO/Founder Ex Voto Paris Paris Area Not Included
3324 ceo Anne Peres Co Founder & CEO ALAENA Paris Area Not Included
3325 lab Gilles Perruchot Triboulet International Consumer Product Division Retail Designer - Beauty Lab L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3326 ceo Ghislain Pfersdorff Chief Executive Officer La Colline Paris Area Not Included
3327 chemist Sandrine Pianacci chemist firmenich Paris Area Not Included
3328 lab Axelle Pineau Lab Manager Hermes Parfums Paris Area Not Included
3329 ceo Florence Piranio Quesnel Founder and CEO Aromasthétiques Paris Area Not Included
3330 chemist Leslie Placide Junior Chemist Herrco Cosmetics Paris Area Not Included
3331 ceo Catherine Pondy CEO CATE P BEAUTY Paris Area Not Included
3332 ceo Benoit Ponte CEO Yves Rocher Italia Groupe Rocher Paris Area Not Included
3333 ceo Philippe Reboul Directeur général Bloomup Not Included
3334 lab Lemaire Rémi Responsable laboratoire analyse produits finis / lab manager analytical chemistry L’Oreal Paris Area Not Included
3335 lab Philippe Renault Europe & Corporate Compatibility lab director L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3336 ceo Julien Revol Founder & CEO ALPHASCIENCE Paris Area Not Included
3337 lab Carl Riachi Eyes Make-up R&D Prelaunch Lab Manager L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3338 ceo Muirgen Rio Fondatrice & Gérante -Founder & CEO MaForêtBio Paris Area Not Included
3339 ceo Jean Luc Robin Champigneul Président Directeur Général France Cosmetics Paris Area Not Included
3340 ceo Leïla Rochet Podvin Founder - CEO Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation Paris Area Not Included
3341 ceo Gregoire Rolland CEO Laboratoires PARIS DOME Paris Area Not Included
3342 chemist Fanfan Romain Prelaunch Chemist L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3343 ceo Julien Saada CEO Maesa Paris Area Not Included
3344 ceo Renato Semerari President and CEO Guerlain Paris Area Not Included
3345 ceo Christine Simon Founder - CEO Ma Peau Chérie Group - Indemne Paris Area Not Included
3347 ceo Marie Laure Simonin Braun CEO, Chairman of the board PAYOT Paris Area Not Included
3348 ceo Philippe Solas Shiatsu Therapist Be Shiatsu Not Included
3349 ceo Johanna Soussan CEO, fondatrice Hashtags & Emojees Paris Area Not Included
3350 ceo Romain Spitzer CEO Parfums Givenchy LVMH FRAGRANCE BRANDS Paris Area Not Included
3351 ceo Emilien Stragier Chargé de recherches Inserm Not Included
3352 ceo Victor Temim CEO BOUDOIR DU REGARD ACADEMY Paris Area Not Included
3353 ceo Chemouni Thibaut C.E.O Voulez-Vous... Paris Area Not Included
3354 ceo Wladimir Topaloff CEO Nubiance Dermocosmetique Paris Area Not Included
3355 lab Olivia Touriguine Head of hair care development lab Active Cosmetics Division L'Oréal Paris Area Not Included
3357 ceo Fran??ois Turck Co-founder & General Manager Europe Reload Labs Not Included
3358 ceo Pissara Umavijani CEO and Founder Parfums Dusita Paris Area Not Included
3359 ceo Renaud Van Den Berg CEO COSMOGEN Paris Area Not Included
3360 ceo Manuel Varliette Co Founder and CEO Beauty Entreprise Paris Area Not Included
3361 ceo Fanny Viale CEO L'Expérience Bioty Paris Area Not Included
3362 ceo Loria Virginie CEO LORPLUS COSMETICS FRANCE Paris Area Not Included
3363 ceo Loui Visee Chief Executive Officer Valudra Paris Area Not Included
3364 ceo Lan Vu Founder/CEO Paris Area Not Included
3365 ceo Victor Wei CFO & Assistant of CEO Guangzhou Yi-inc Internet Co,.Ltd Paris Area Not Included
3367 ceo Jean Charles You Founder & CEO OOCANDOO Retail Solutions Paris Area Not Included
3368 ceo Mickael Zanzouri CEO HOMEOSOIN Paris Area Not Included
3369 ceo Monika Zochowska Co-Founder & CEO Phenicoptere Spolka z o.o. Paris Area Not Included
3370 ceo Jonathan Zrihen President du Directoire & Global CEO Clarins Group Paris Area Not Included
3371 chemist Maëlle Guénec Cosmetic chemist ABC TEXTURE Rennes Area Not Included
3372 ceo Jean Louis Yguel CEO CLIONA Cosmetics Rhone-Alpes Not Included
3373 ceo Sarah Marbach President Boud´Soie Cosmétiques Strasbourg Area Not Included
3374 ceo Catherine Mautord CEO and creator of the brand Nature Effiscience Nature Effiscience NIDC Strasbourg Area Not Included
3375 chemist Carole Da Costa Cosmetic Chemist Laboratoires Lebeau Toulouse Area Not Included
3376 ceo Frederic Grange President And Ceo Laboratoires Biocos Toulouse Area Not Included
3377 ceo Julien Ramond CEO SERP Toulouse Area Not Included
3378 ceo Alexandre Batardiere CEO - Manager FARCODERM France Tours Area Not Included
3379 ceo Cédric Dromel Deputy Chief Executive Officer Lytess Sa Not Included